Thanksgiving is one of the most loved holidays but is also often ‘dwarfed’ by the frenzy of the upcoming festival of Christmas. The truth is that Thanksgiving is not just about the day and overindulgence in food and drink and watching the parade and football. It truly is the time to express thanks and gratitude for all the love and happiness in your life, thanks for family and friends, and thanks for a job, food, and a home. While you might express thanks in several ways, saying it with a thoughtful gift is one of the best ways. Add a handwritten note or card with the gift, and you have a winner! Imagine the delight of the person who receives this gift and note - do remember to carry a gift for the hostess of the home where you are invited for a thanksgiving dinner. Here is a list of inexpensive, yet thoughtful gifts that will go well with your heartfelt handwritten note/card:

  • Turkey on a Platter

Whole roast turkey is the star dish on the Thanksgiving dinner table. It sure deserves its own ‘signature’ serving platter. A platter with a painted turkey adds a splash of colour and elevates the festivities. It’s the perfect gift for your home or for the gracious family that invited you for a thanksgiving meal.

people having dinner on thanksgiving
  • The Smell of Thanksgiving

Buy a set of large and scented candles that blend the aromas of ginger, cinnamon, orange, cardamom, clove leaf, and acorns. When lit the aroma will instantly lift the ambience and complement the delicious smells of turkey roast and pumpkin pies - in your home or at the home of your extended family or friends.

  • Gift Relaxation

This is the perfect gift to say you care. Do gift one to yourself since you deserve it after all the hardwork you have put in and buy a Spa Gift Basket for those you want to specially thank. This basket brims with all things ‘spa’ and is exactly what is needed to relax, unwind, and indulge oneself. It will help you get ready to usher in advent and Christmas with your characteristic zeal and love!

  • ‘Mug’ Them

While ‘just a mug’ might seem stingy, this particular one or a set of them, is truly a thoughtful gift. It’s a techy mug - that keeps the temperature of the tea (or coffee) optimal - meaning the temperature at which the user wishes. An app allows the user to set the exact temperature and voila - the beverage stays at the same temperature till the last sip, especially during winter. Interesting right?!

tea mugs
  • For the Love of Oil

Thanksgiving is a lot about food - roasted turkey, sides of yams, salad with a vinaigrette base, and breads. The oil that goes into and onto these dishes needs preparation too. Instead, why not gift your favorite host family with this tastefully (pun intended!) packed set of flavored oils to be used in the dishes. These oil sets include flavors of chili, basil, lemon, garlic, and olives - just drizzle and enjoy. Your hostess will surely thank you for helping her cut back on several extra tasks!

chicken in a plate
  • Vegetarian Turkey

So, you have kids or some adult who loves the festival but does not want or like turkey or is allergic? How do you make them feel included - prepare pasta made with duram wheat and vegetable powder, that is turkey shaped! A sure way to win hearts!

  • The Thanksgiving Morning

Why only indulge at dinner? Pick up this ‘sweet’ gift to have an indulgent breakfast either on Thanksgiving Day or the next morning. This gift set includes jams, mixes for crepes, pancakes, and muffins, tea gift sets, and also the much-loved maple syrup (works well in tea too!) - the perfect start to a day!

  • Lit Up Maple Tree

Maple trees are possibly one of the prettiest, what with their unusually shaped and gorgeously colored leaves. This faux Maple tree brings the beauty of the outdoors into your living room. The leaves of this ‘tree’ replicate the colors and shapes of a maple tree and is elevated with tiny but bright LED bulbs (24 of them!). When switched on, it spreads warmth and feels like a cozy hug for those around and for your home. Don’t worry about it breaking since the ‘branches’ are flexible and can be bent as per your choice.

  • Wine up

Wine goes really well with all the feasting and festivities of Thanksgiving. It is also expected that you carry a bottle of wine when showing up for a Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes you may be unsure of which wine to carry - why not pick up this set containing rosé, brut, and red - which your hosts can choose to serve it or keep it for their individual indulgence. They might choose to keep these for themselves given that there is no added sugar, and the grapes are farmed in an environment friendly manner. Why not pick up several of this gift - for yourself and those you care about?

 wine glass

  • All About Gratitude

Add more thankfulness and gratitude with this interactive ‘gratitude tree’. Each person at dinner (kids included), must write whatever they are grateful for on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it on one of the ‘branches. Do this before dinner. Once dinner is done, each chit can be read out - a great way for each one’s anonymous thanks to be expressed. This is a reusable gift - makes memories and good times for years.

Giving Thanks

Ideally, Thanksgiving is not about gifting but more of being thankful. However, these thoughtful gifts (and several more) are wonderful ways to surprise those you love and show them how much you appreciate them. There is some gift out there for everyone - your parents, spouse, kids, neighbors, in-laws, friends, cousins, and whoever you wish to wish! So, what and who are you thankful for?

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