Several delicate and exotic Chinese teas go to make Earl Grey Tea. The distinguishing flavor of this tea is the citrusy flavor. Legend has it that this tea was specially blended for Lord Grey using bergamot, a fragrant fruit, to balance the flavor of lime in water. This beverage was an instant favorite, and due to its popularity, it began to be sold in the market as Earl Grey Tea – as we know it today. Earl Grey Tea is made with black tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, but some blends also use Green or Oolong tea, as a base, with bergamot orange added to it.

Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

There are several health benefits of Earl Grey Tea, given that it contains potent antioxidants. We list the top 10 for you:

  • Ramps up Energy Levels

Earl Grey tea contains a caffeine boost, similar to coffee, but without some of the negative side effects. The effects of caffeine in Earl Grey are toned down due to the presence of the amino acid L-theanine, found only in tea. This amino acid counters the restlessness caused by intense caffeine, but without tempering down the effect on the levels of energy and alertness.

  • Elevates Immunity

Earl Grey tea also has anti-bacterial properties that help to protect and boost the immune system. It also is packed with Vitamin C and zinc, which is a perfect combination to assuage fevers and colds, while also raising the immunity levels of the body.

  • Accelerates Metabolism

The citrus and polyphenols in Earl Grey Tea serve to accelerate the metabolism, which in turn helps to accelerate weight loss. The exhilarating taste of this tea enables one to drink it without the need to add milk and sugar, which helps to keep down the calorie count of Earl Grey tea – there is one calorie per 100 ml in this tea, without adding sugar and or milk.

  • Combats Depression and Anxiety

The ingredients, especially bergamot is a natural ingredient for aromatherapy, which therefore means that a hot cup of this tea will boost the mood and reduce feelings of anxiety.

  • Brings Down the Chance of a Stroke

The base of Earl Grey tea is black tea. Black tea is known to reduce high blood pressure, which is known to lead to serious and sometimes fatal health issues, including heart attack and stroke. Drinking Earl Grey tea helps to control and reduce blood pressure, thereby bringing down the chances of having a stroke. It is advisable, however, to always check with your doctor before consuming anything, especially if you are suffering from a health condition and or are on medication.

  • Teeth Protection

One of the health benefits of Earl Grey tea is that it provides protection from oral infections in the mouth, fights tooth decay, and strengthens teeth enamel. Who knew a beverage so delicious, could have such positive effects on oral health?

  • Aids Digestion

The ingredients present in Earl Grey Tea have tremendously positive impacts on the digestive system. Not only do they support digestion, but they also preserve and protect gut health. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea, help soothe the system and relieve constipation and acid reflux.

  • Combat Bad Cholesterol

Drinking Earl Grey Tea promotes the production of good cholesterol (HDL) and triglycerides while lowering and inhibiting the production of bad cholesterol LDL. A few cups of this tea can help prevent cardiovascular diseases from setting in and keep you feeling fresh and healthy.

  • Help with Weight Management

The polyphenols in black tea promote weight management by accelerating fat metabolism and reducing oxidative stress and lipid digestion. All of these properties, combined with the goodness of citrus, have a positive effect – reducing body fat and its composition, and helping with weight management.

  • Reduces the Risk of Cancer

A high number of antioxidants are highly effective in fighting excess free radicals, meaning that drinking Earl Grey Tea could potentially help combat cancer. Bergamot contains antiproliferative activity, which combats the spread of malignant cancerous cells. The combination of green or black tea with bergamot is thus an ideal one for cancer prevention/retardation.

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There are so many health benefits of drinking Earl Grey tea, and there are several ways to drink it. You could try adding a lemon wedge or a few drops of lemon in your Earl Grey next time, or use Earl Grey tea to prepare cookies, or simply enjoy a hot cup of Earl Grey tea. If in doubt, check with your doctor. Healthy sipping!



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