Father’s Day is right around the corner & if you’re still figuring out what to do for your main man then this is a must read for you. 

Dads are a whole different league of humans in themselves and there’s all kinds of wonderful types out there: goofy, grumpy, sentimental, sporty, perpetually busy etcetera

They all come with their distinct sets of quirks and we love them for it but this also makes deciding an appropriate Father’s Day plan for them so much harder.  


But we assure you that there’s a little something for every type of dad out there and here’s our list of 5 things you can do or get for your dad:


For the Cheerful Goofy Papa 


He’s the kind to crack a ‘dad joke’ in every situation & is more often than not, the big baby of the house. Plan a fun movie night with him, binge on some classics & keep multiple tubs of popcorn ready cause this is definitely going to end up being an all nighter. 



For the Adventurous Pop


He’s always ready for an adventure, right from backpacking & camping in the woods to regular early morning hikes. Plan a whole day outdoors with him, you could get him to try something new (like rock climbing or skateboarding). Or you could simply go for a short road trip. Wide roads, groovy tunes & stories of his adventures - perfect recipe for ‘Dad’s Day Out’.




For the Professional Connoisseur Dad 


He’s a man of taste & loves his carefully curated collection of fine teas just as much (if not more) as he loves his kids. Get him something special that he can add to his prized collection. Check out this BEAUTIFUL selection, you’ll definitely find something here that he’s going to love.




For the Perpetually Busy Dad 


He’s constantly on the go & barely takes a pause. First things first, you’ve got to get him to clear his calendar for the day and take away his phone, he’s not allowed to check any work mails. Get him to sit back and relax, prepare a delicious brunch & make him a chilled tea mo(c)ocktail. You could also book him a luxurious spa day, a full pamper session is exactly what he needs.




For the Professor Father 


He’s an avid reader, always has a fun fact up his sleeve & gets way too excited to go visit every historical place and museum on all vacations. There’s nothing more he’ll love than going on a historic walk with you. And this time you could surprise him by being the guide & covering all the fun facts yourself. If possible, you could also take him for a sound & light show after.


So how are you planning to celebrate with your dad? 

Whatever the case may be, one thing that all dads have in common is the fact that they will love you no matter what, so don’t worry too much about getting them the ‘perfect gift’.

But do take out some time to make him feel special, cause he truly deserves it.

And lastly, don’t forget to tell your dad you love him & that you’re grateful for everything he does.

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