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These Tea Instagrammers Are Spreading Joy With Each Post!

  • 04 July 2017

The month of June saw several tea lovers become more brazen in their approach to tea. From taking a new approach to traditional recipes to exploring new teas, it has been a happy summer!

Ah! The joys of summer. A warm cup of an excellent spring tea to wake up with and extra hours of sunlight to have more tea in.

1. A dash of ice and colour!


2. Picking up a new tea skill!


3. The soothing presence of a warm cup of tea


4. Absolutely delightful, frame after frame!


5. And then there’s a splash!


Stairway to tea heaven!

A post shared by Othniel Giovanni (潘獅王) (@exoteaque) on

6. And there’s more iced tea, with a dash of sun and sand. Summer in a frame!


Take this shot to a whole new level !. #icedtea #drinks #sunset

A post shared by rahmawati chandra handayani (@rawaston) on

7. And then, there were those sun-brewing to the solstice!



A post shared by Alan Fullbright (@alanfullbright) on

8. Summer morning updates!


9. More ice please, and more tea!


10. Sit back, relax and tea!


Rice fields and #tea

A post shared by Raitis G (@lets.drink.some.tea) on

We’ll bring you a whole range of new tea posts and the Instagrammers who spread the delight of the tea world with us. Until next month, happy sipping!

Susmita Mukherjee


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