Those who love this tea will tell you that unless your day begins with Assam Black Tea, your day has not begun! Assam Black Tea has a robust, vibrant, and bold flavor and has several nutritional benefits and a load of antioxidants – certainly a great way to start the day, and also when you do need that ‘pick me up during the day. Assam Black Tea is also referred to as breakfast tea and makes a great base to add milk and sweetener. The rich malty flavor of this tea comes through even when you prepare Assam Milk Tea.

What is Assam Milk Tea?

This is one of the most popular teas, containing the saporous Assam black tea as the base, with added milk, sweetener, spices, and sometimes even tapioca pearls or boba. Assam Milk Tea has a rich creamy texture, with an exhilaratingly delicious flavor. Let us take you through the ingredients and best ways to prepare Assam Milk Tea – you can add your ‘spin’ to it with spices and flavoring depending on taste.

glass of Assam Milk Tea

Preparation of Assam Milk Tea


Here are the basic ingredients and wonderful additions:

1. Assam Black Tea – choose loose leaf or tea bags from a good brand,    for a wholesome and deep flavor
2. Sweetened Condensed Milk (you could use sweetened coconut  condensed milk if you want to enjoy your tea dairy free)
3. Water is a critical part of tea preparation, and can alter the taste depending on what ‘kind’ of water you use. Choose filtered or spring  water when preparing Assam Milk Tea
4. Cinnamon, coriander, cloves, and nutmeg make great additions to your Assam Milk tea, especially for the winter months. One-fourth teaspoon of any of the powdered spices suffices for a single serving
5. You could also add flavorings such as vanilla, lavender, strawberry, rose, and many others – experiment with these flavors to get yourself several different ‘cups’ of Assam Milk Tea!


Assam milk tea can be consumed as iced or as hot tea. Here is the preparation for both:

Hot Assam Milk Tea:

  • Mix water and sweetened condensed milk in a saucepan, and place on the stove. Bring to a boil
  • Turn off the heat and add Assam Black tea (and other spices and flavors as you wish). Cover and allow this mixture to steep for five minutes
  • If using a tea bag, squeeze out all the water from it before disposing of it. Pour this mixture into a cup, through a stainless-steel strainer and sit back and relax your delicious cup of Assam Milk Tea.

Iced Assam Milk Tea:

  • Prepare Assam Black Tea as per label instructions and let the tea cool.    Strain.
  • Add milk or cream depending upon how creamy you want your Assam Milk Tea
  • Add sweetener (you can add either sugar, maple syrup, molasses, or others) and stir the mixture well
  • You could also add (if you want) cooked tapioca pearls (boba)
  • Add Ice and you have yourself a refreshing and healthy beverage.
Iced Assam Milk Tea

Steeping Assam Tea

The most important thing is to buy high-grade Assam Tea – either loose-leaf or in bags. A tablespoon of tea suffices for about 250ml of water. Assam Tea is best brewed at higher temperatures since this is what draws out all the intense flavors. It is important to steep your Assam tea for about three minutes to start with. You can steep it a little longer (up to five minutes) if you want it stronger.

The Perfect Breakfast Beverage

Since it has an intense flavor, the taste will come through even when it is prepared as Assam Milk Tea and with additional spices and flavoring. Continue to experiment as per your taste, and you will have a ‘different’ Assam Milk Tea, every day! Happy Brewing!



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