Fad diets, concoctions, and more have been repeatedly used by people in an attempt to ‘detox’ and dispel toxins from their bodies. Well, some work and others…. The fact is that before attempting any such practices, it is always advisable to speak with your doctor or nutritionist first. We are here, however, to tell you about detox teas that could potentially help you lose weight. The fact is that teas are widely popular as a healthy beverage, and are consumed across the world.

Detox teas are a beneficial mix of herbs, spices, and various tea leaves. These ingredients together support detoxification and self-cleansing, while also containing phytonutrients and acting as ‘superfoods’. It must be understood, however, that detox teas can only supplement efforts at weight loss when accompanied by a balanced diet and exercise. They are not ‘magic’ beverages that will help detoxify your body from the harm caused by poor eating habits and routines. Here are some of the detox teas we recommend: 

  • Cinnamon and Hibiscus Tea

This tea has a beautiful color and a rejuvenating aroma. The hibiscus flower is rich in antioxidants and helps to lower blood pressure, while also helping with weight management. Cinnamon helps with all of these symptoms and additionally has anti-inflammatory properties. This tea also contains lemon peel and star anise – they help to boost immunity, improve digestion, and also have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties.

  • The Popular Green Tea

Our green tea kit is loaded with goodness given the variety of tea blends. The range of teas provides a range of benefits: helping to burn off those annoying calories while helping you destress and feel rejuvenated. They also are a rich source of antioxidants and help build immunity, while elevating gut health and calming the stomach. Once you are done with your day, grab a cup of one of the blends for a blissful night of sleep. 

a cup of green tea
  • Kahwa Tea

This is an all-time great beverage to not just maintain weight and improve digestion, but also because it supports immunity and has stress-busting properties. It is a true ‘pick me up’ drink – with its rejuvenating properties, while also promoting overall wellness and feeling of health. 

  • Turmeric Blend Teas

Turmeric is nature’s ultimate superfood and makes for a terrific blend of tea as well. The tea blends are great for digestion, which aids in weight loss. Further, the anti-inflammatory properties help to suppress the multiplying of fat cells. Turmeric works to regulate blood sugar levels and prevents insulin resistance, which is another way to aid weight loss. 

  • Ginger Green Tea

Add ginger to ‘liquid gold’ or green tea, and you get a powerful elixir of health and overall wellness! Ginger green tea is a soothing beverage and has a calming effect on both mind and body. The combination of these two ingredients boosts metabolism, assists in weight loss, improves digestion (hence aids the proper release of toxins), and provides an overall feeling of serenity. 

  • Mint Tea

A soothing blend of green tea leaves, peppermint, and spearmint not only refreshes but also soothes the digestive system. Spearmint contains antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system. Peppermint aids digestion and this tea makes for a great after-meal digestive and palate soother. This tea can also be infused with other herbs and spices to deliver even more benefits.

Tea Detox

Choose detox teas depending on your preference of flavor and taste. Teabags are highly convenient and come in a range of herbal blends and tisanes, and pack a punch of health benefits! As we mentioned, drinking weight loss/detox teas are not the solution to losing weight – a sensible diet and an exercise schedule are essential too. Check with your nutritionist/doctor on what would work best for you. Pick up a cup of health!

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