We Turn 4 Today !

What a fabulous day and so much to be thankful for! I consider myself extremely fortunate to be sharing this momentous day with all you tea lovers who constantly add meaning to this humble brand; the passionate farmers without whom we wouldn’t be here; and my brilliant team at VAHDAM TEAS!

Having started as a small humble team, we have grown into a passionate & enthusiastic family, investing all their energies, efforts, and innovation into curating a premium quality product which not only fits the likes of consumers all across the world but also helps empower millions of tea farmers here in India.


In the span of one year, I am extremely proud of all the amazing achievements and the incredible feats that we have accomplished as a brand! It is only fair that I share these pivotal and fateful moments of our journey with you all.

For starters, VAHDAM TEAS has shipped more than 100 Million cups of tea to more than 85 countries around the world! Isn’t it deeply satisfying to know that we are all bound together in our love for these pristine teas?

The last year gave us some pretty good wins as well! The major highlight would be VAHDAM being inducted into the prestigious list of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2018!

What followed was extensive global coverage across American daytime television! Our delectable gift collections, gorgeous blends, and ethereal single estate teas were covered on Good Morning America, KTL5, &  ABC The View!

Coming to our champion teas, you can rejoice in knowing that some of your favorite blends won several awards in this last year. We won a total of
8 awards at the exciting Global Tea Championship and at the SOFI (Specialty Food Association) Awards for being the Best New Product in the Hot beverages category for 2018! Also, a finalist for the Best tea Category at the World Beverage Innovation Awards for 2018. Our teas have not only won your hearts, but they also brought home some prominent awards throughout the year.

From making it to the likes of iconic celebrities like Martha Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more. Our teas have been winning over hearts everywhere and have been covered by leading media platforms like Forbes, Inc., Buzzfeed, Food & Wine, Popsugar and many more!


To add to the list of accolades, I have been very fortunate to have made it to the ambitious list of Forbes 30 Under 30 & to the Top 35 Entrepreneurs under 35.
I dedicate these achievements today to my father, the master inspiring figure in my life! This is for you dad, Happy Birthday!

In the course of establishing our footprint as a global premium Tea brand, I realize that I have evolved as a person. This adventure that I had embarked on in 2015  has brought me closer to a million lives here who toil day and night to bring us our cup of sunshine every single day! I have had the privilege to take a closer look at their vulnerabilities, dreams, and aspirations. This has not only helped shape me as an employer but also bolstered my mission of increasingly creating a positive impact in their lives here.


You would be happy to know that we are also about to complete the first successful year of our social initiative - TEAch Me, where 1% of our revenue goes towards the education of our tea growers’ children. We started off with all the wards of our farmers at one of our partnering estates in Darjeeling, and now we have inducted another beautiful tea garden from the Nilgiris to the program! Every purchase that you have made has made a difference in the lives of these passionate farmers and their families! Doesn’t that feel good?

We have unlearnt a lot of things in the process and have learnt some more. We have faced tough times but have nurtured the innate integrity of taking it head-on as a team. We feel like we share a closer bond with all of you out there who have found moments of respite with our teas. Yes, we still have a long way to go!


But today, let’s just celebrate this feeling.


Here’s to many more innings of love, laughter and endless steaming cups of tea!

Thank You,


 Vahdam Teas




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