Loose-leaf or Teabags? That is the question. Well, it is the question tea lovers across the globe wrestle with. Tea Infusers, that is the answer. The goodness of loose-leaf with the convenience of teabags. Teabags, of the grocery-store variety, are usually made of either unstainable plastic or paper. Infusers prevent such mindless waste. They are made of mesh stainless steel that is easily washable and reusable. Here are 5 of the best tea infusers, specially suited for the tea connoisseur in you.




What should you be looking for in a Tea Infuser?

  • Convenience
  • The first thing you should be looking for when buying a tea infuser is convenience, both of brewing and of the clean-up. Check how easily it opens and seals shut. Also, check how easily it dips into your cup or pot, brews, and if it is dishwasher-safe.


    Tea Infusers with silicone parts are harder to use and clean.

  • Size
  • When it comes to premium tea infusers, size does matter. The more space the loose-leaf tea has within the infuser to swirl and move around, the better it will steep, and the more flavorsome it will taste. Pay attention to the size of the holes on the tea infuser as well. You don’t want the tea leaves to slip through and turn your brew grainy. So, you want a tea infuser that is big enough to brew a flavorful cup of tea but with fine holes that don’t let the tea leaves slip out.

  • Style
  • The top tea infusers of all time have their unique style, with pros and cons depending on what you want. Tea balls with either a handle or chain is one of the most popular styles. Filter baskets are also equally popular as they can be used for either a teapot or a single cup.


    The Best Tea Infusers of 2021

  • Square Tea Infuser
  • Square tea infusers come with either a handle or chain to make brewing tea easier. Vahdam Teas' Square Tea Infuser is made of stainless steel, compact in design, easy to store and clean, and rust-free. The infuser is large enough to accommodate 3-4 teaspoons of tea leaves and micro-mesh holes small enough to ensure that ultra-fine debris does not filter into the brew.

  • Classic Tea Infuser

    The classic tea infuser fits into both cups and teapots. Vahdam Teas' Classic Tea Infuser, is made up of a large basket that can easily serve to brew 4-5 cups of tea. The compact design has a sturdy lid that can be used as a dish when you pull the infuser out. It also has two handles on either side which can be used to rest the infuser comfortably inside a cup.

  • Tea Ball Infuser

    Tea ball infusers are a widely popular choice amongst tea lovers. It comes with either a handle or a chain. There is a clasp that holds the two halves of the ball together as you dip it to brew tea. Various tea brands offer premium tea ball infusers with unique designs. However, tea ball infusers, given their usually small sizes, are better suited for preparing a cup or two of tea at a time. They do not have enough space for tea leaves to brew a full pot of tea.

  • Pyramid Tea Infuser
  • Designed for versatility, pyramid tea infusers can be used to brew tea in cups, pots, mugs, and stockpots of varying sizes and shapes. Vahdam Teas’ Pyramid Tea Infuser, with its ultra-fine, high-grade stainless steel mesh can hold 3-4 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea. Rust-resistant, easy to use, and clean, it is one of the best tea infusers on the market, as well known for its design as it is for its convenience.


  • Tea Infuser Mug

    Tea Infuser Mugs are portable and convenient teacups with built-in infusers which usually come with lids that can double up as coasters. Lightweight but durable, they are the solution for the tea lover who is always on the go. You can carry it easily, in your hand or your bag, and simply enjoy a brew whenever the mood strikes you, given you have hot water nearby. The only downside, you can just brew one cup of tea at a time.





    About the author:

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    Born in Assam, India, Neha spent her weekends growing up drinking endless cups of tea with her grandmother who read Ruskin Bond to her in between sips. Voted ‘least likely to dance at a party’. A lifelong admirer of all things tea and literature. The day starts with a cup of tea and ends, well… a cup of tea, and a book.




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