The build-up to Christmas is part of the fun and craziness of the holiday season. Advent calendars are a great way to elevate the countdown to Christmas - they not only help with counting down, but the treats/surprises double the energy. Wouldn’t it be great to opt for DIY (do it yourself) Advent calendar this year? This is an ingenious way to add more creativity and gratification to the beautiful time of Christmas, while adding one more family tradition. Here is a list of easy yet fun DIY Advent Calendars that you can try: 

  • Secret Envelopes

Collect 24 colourful envelopes - as brightly coloured as possible, a corkboard and drawing pins (thumb tacks) or a magnetic board and playful magnets. Get kids to number each envelope from 1 to 24 - hiding treats or surprises would be the job of the adults. As an idea - start with holiday-themed family things to do and move towards games and treats. If this DIY Advent calendar is aimed at the kids, you could make it completely candy or chocolate themed!

  • Even Tea Cans Are Useful

Once you are done enjoying blissful and healthy cups of tea, remember to keep the empty tea cans (reputed brands offer tea powder and tea bags in exquisite cans!). Wrap these tins with leftover wrapping paper or any brightly coloured paper. Write numbers on each, put the treats/surprises/activity lists inside, and place them in a stacked formation - all of this is so easily done by the kids too.

  • The Garland of Stockings

You need 24 mini stockings, some beautiful ribbon, and number stickers to make this ‘garland’. String the stockings together with the ribbon, place stickers on each stocking, and fill each stocking with gleeful surprises. This makes a delightful DIY advent calendar for the kids. You could also make on more garland to serve as an adult advent calendar - the ‘surprises’ would be the adult part! Naughty or nice - everyone gets something with these DIY advent calendars!

  • Roll On

Why waste anything right? Toilet paper roll tubes are great for DIY advent calendars. Just paste paper to block off one side of the tubes, and then paint the tubes with any colour of your choice and allow to dry. Allow kids to decorate the tubes, tie them with ribbon and hang them up anywhere in your home. Stuff the tubes with whatever you please, and cover each with a number sticker - such that they can be easily peeled back to reveal the surprise inside.

  • The Kitchen Garland Calendar

You can buy or make your own kitchen garland, and tie small boxes or tin containers with ribbon to it. Label each tin, stuff them with happy surprises and label them with numbers. A two-in-one decoration for the holiday season and one of the prettiest DIY advent calendars!

  • Santa Caps 

Your kids will love the opportunity to get ‘crafty’ with this DIY advent calendar. Take colourful fabric, cut them and shape them to look like santa hats. Glue or sew them in place. Allow kids to use their creativity to decorate these ‘hats’, stick on numbers, line them up according to the numbers, and hang them up with thumb tacks/drawing pins. Then its the job of the adults to fill them with super-duper delights!

  • Drawstring Pouches

These are super cute and petite, made with colourful silk or velvet or lace, and easily available at stationery or gift stores. Number them either with stickers or felt-pen. Attach them, in order, together with ribbon such that the drawstrings can be easily loosened. You could also attach tiny bells to each pouch. Stuff them with surprises, and pull the strings back to close the pouch. This DIY advent calendar can be reused as another decoration by peeling off the stickers!

  • Fa La La La Christmas Town

Get together as a family and make small huts out of cardboard or other stiff material. Paint or decorate them with the happiest colours and decorations. Attach little coloured numbered paper pockets and then stuff them with treats. Lock down with a tiny piece of cellotape - to be opened one day at a time.

  • Printable DIY Advent Calendars

Once you have printed an Advent Calendar, make small pockets and add activities and fun things to do for the whole family. It could be anything - family cooking or a Christmas movie or even just playing fun games together. This works as a great way to build-up excite, make special memories, and get the family together more often.


The magic of Christmas starts early for the family with these DIY Advent calendars. It’s a great way to involve everyone in the family, including teens and adults. As the countdown to Christmas begins, excitement and fervour continues to rise, finally reaching their peak with the day of the birth of Jesus - a day filled with love, bonding, family, fun, and food. Wishing you loads of Christmas blessings!

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