It may sound cliche but the fact is that mothers do not expect anything. However, we know that know, that you love your mom like crazy and would want to gift her something special every day if possible! We have some Mother’s Day gift basket ideas that your tea-loving mom would be delighted to receive. With the alluring smell and sinful packing, creating personalized gift baskets for mom would be a breeze – yes, even for the non-tea-loving mom. The fact is that tea is naturally brimming with antioxidants that help boost the immune system, the anti-aging properties keep one looking youthful, and with just the right amount of caffeine, it’s just what’s needed to get you geared for the day. 

Mother’s Day scores over any other day because it celebrates that one single relationship that is priceless and extraordinary, given a mother’s truly selfless and unadulterated love. This day is celebrated across more than 46 countries, and this tradition began in 1908 when Ann Jarvis (a peace activist) organized a memorial for her mother, who had passed away in 1905. Since the time her mother passed, Ann went on a mission to garner support to have a day dedicated to all mothers as a sign of thanks for all that they do. Take a look at some of the gift ideas that are sure to please mom: 

Yummy Teas Gift Set containing Turmeric

    This thoughtfully crafted set contains tisanes (herbal infusions) made with the ‘superfood’ turmeric, blended with other nutrient-rich spices and herbs. The set contains some of our tastiest and most enticing tea blends – it’s a gift that will speak volumes of the thoughtfulness and love you have for that special lady you call mom!

    A Bundle of Care

      This is an exclusive and limited-edition gift set that not only contains 80 tea bags of 8 of our best-selling blends of green teas but also comes with a chic black tumbler that keeps your mom’s favorite beverage hot for hours. It’s great for cold liquids too!

      Green Health

        Packed to the brim with health, this luxurious gift set contains 80 of our exclusively designed pyramid tea bags of 8 blends of the best green teas. Gift your precious mother the boon of health – green tea reduces the risk of several diseases, helps to lose weight, and keeps one feeling fresh and energetic. We are sure mom will love the stylish black tumbler that comes with this super cool gift set!

        Oprah’s Choice

          This gift set contains teas chosen by Oprah Winfrey – one of most admired, strong, and determined women to walk the earth. We are sure your mom is all of this too and more – she will love these delicious chai teas that are exclusive and handpicked, and will be proud that you know her so well!

          Brimming with Love and Style

            Packed in tasteful and ‘eloquent’ tin caddies, this makes the perfect gift for your ‘best mom in the world’. Make her feel pampered and out of the ordinary (as she truly is) on the day reserved especially for mums (or any other day too!). 

            A Glimpse of London

              Your mom deserves a gift that is useful, but also one that exudes elegance and panache just like her. There is a sophisticated collection of exclusive teas that makes the perfect gift for your stylish and urbane mom. 

              From the Founders

                Packed in elegant and magnificent looking tin caddies, this gift set contains top-line loose-leaf teas – favorites of the founders. It’s a great gift for your cosmopolitan and chic mom!

                If you just can’t seem to settle on just these, you could also choose from our exclusive collection of drinkware – the perfect ‘companions’ for the top blends of teas and tisanes. 


                While this day may have started as a tradition, centuries ago, the importance has not faded away even now. Don't forget to make your mom feel special on this day reserved just for these special and outstanding ladies. Actually, you can make every day Mother’s Day and we hope our ideas help! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

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