This total shift towards a more focussed and healthy lifestyle has brought our generation exploring perceptions beyond pills - on building their first line of defence strong or in other words, giving a thought to holistically fortifying their body’s immunity. With the pandemic having shown us how vulnerable we can be to new viruses, new diseases etc.; it is imperative that we find ways to strengthen our immunity by making sustainable changes in our day-to-day lives. 

So, we are all in search of immunity superfoods or immune boosting herbs, the benefits of which have been long revered by the Indian traditional school of medicine, Ayurveda, for thousands of years. The idea is backed by the theory that the answer lies in Nature. Life imitates Art. Art that is in nature, rich in healthy compounds that work as our support system to make our bodies healthy. Amidst the many superfoods offered to us by nature, one such immunity superfood is Amla.

In most of the households, Amla juice for immunity is the ‘new normal,’ considering the times we live in but the knowledge of the benefits of this super fruit is not something new. Passed down from generation to generation, Amla or the Indian gooseberry, is known to have known to be rich source of Vit C, for a good detox, boosts digestion and much more. Native to Asia, Amla has a unique taste, a mix of sour, astringent, and bitter. 


Health Benefits of Amla 


You will be amazed how this one one small fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients. For later, I saved on some Amla immunity rich recipes, let’s first take a look at some Amla benefits for our health. 

Vitamin C Powerhouse

Many who have been born and raised in the Indian subcontinent are familiar with this unique bitter fruit that our mothers and grandmothers would make sure we ate, every single day. Especially during a bout of bad cold and cough. And for good reason! Yes, Amla is super rich in Vitamin C; 20 times more than oranges. Like 100 gms of Amla provide 600 mg of vitamin C, which is a vital nutrient known to help boost immunity.

Aids Weight Loss Efforts

People looking at burning fat have to up their Vitamin C intake because of its role in the metabolization of fat molecules. So, if you are working on controlling your weight and don’t want to risk diabetes and heart health issues, we recommend consuming Amla as it will support your efforts of achieving a healthy BMI 

Rich in Beneficial Antioxidants 

It is packed with rich antioxidants that help reduce the free radical activity in the body and avoid oxidative stress. It helps to repair your body and keeps infections away in the first place!

Good for Skin & Hair

Got skin and hair problems? You have Amla’s antibacterial properties can help you detoxify your system and reduce acne, dandruff. There are a number of brands that have started making Amla based hair and face masks.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

We need to admit that cholesterol is a serious epidemic. While we progressed, our health was compromised. Amla contains chromium and this compound is a great friend that helps reduce bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of diabetes.

Ways to Consume Amla


Of course, after the plethora of health benefits that we have discussed above, you would want to make this immunity boosting superfood a part of your health regime. And, we will tell you off some amazing ways to consume Amla every single day.  

Amla Ginger Tea 

Tea is one of the most healthy beverages on this planet, and imagine if you are fortifying it with immunity superfoods, that’s a symphony of delicious flavors and a gift of good health. So, a perfect cup of Amla tea would be a mix of green tea, ginger and Amla. You have Vitamin C-rich Amla, the soothing earthy goodness of Ginger, and a taste that syncs so well - Citrusy Amla, spicy ginger with the refreshing grassy notes of green tea. We recommend trying out our Amla Ginger Green Tea.

How to make it?  

Heat 200 ml of water at 90 degrees. Add a tea bag of the Amla Ginger Tea and steep for 2-3 minutes.
Add honey or sugar, as preferred. Since there is only medium caffeine, it can be consumed morning and afternoon both. 

Amla Juice 

The perfect summer drink if you are looking to build a rich immunity with Amla at home and keep your body cool. Amla juice for immunity is a sure shot solution and a tasty one at it! 

Take some 5 to 6 chopped Amlas, 1 tablespoon of sliced ginger, and and 4-5 mint sprigs. Mix them all in a juicer for about 5 minutes. Strain it in a glass and add some black salt or honey, as you prefer. 

To kick it up a notch, you could also add some roasted cumin, coriander, and dried red chillies. 

Amla with Black Pepper  

Consumed as a traditional sherbet, Amla with black pepper is a concoction prepared with Amla,  honey, a pinch of salt, crushed black pepper boiled in water and strained out. An antioxidant cocktail, this can be consumed everyday. 

Amla with Turmeric

Grind an inch long turmeric stick, with 5-6 Amlas and consume it with a little bit of honey. This amla immunity juice is a wonder and has double the dose of superfood benefits from Amla and Turmeric. For our friends in India, we had come out with a beautiful blend of Amla and Turmeric in the form of a Vedic Kadha. If you wish to make this health elixir at home, here’s how you can do it. 

Take 4-5 Amlas and dice them. Take some turmeric and dice it small as well. You could also use Turmeric powder for the same. Take some water and bring it to a boil in a saucepan. Add the diced Amlas, the turmeric, some Tulsi (Holy basil) leaves, crushed black pepper, a pinch of salt and let it simmer on low heat for a while. Strain it and add a dash of honey to it and consume. This is one of the best traditional health elixirs that will provide you effective relief from a bad cold and cough. 

If you wish to take a simpler route, we suggest adding some diced Amla to our Turmeric ginger herbal tea and having the same. 

So, really! Even if you eat one Amla everyday, it's enough. Keep it up with timely meals, good sleep hygiene, and also some exercise - and Voila! you have the magic potion for a lifetime of good health.
We would love to hear how you all consume your wonder fruit! Till then, stay strong and keep exploring immunity superfoods. 


Heena Mahajan

Contributing Wellness Author for VAHDAM India

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