Jasmine tea is associated with a range of health benefits and is known for its esoteric delicacy, elegance, and sophistication. Not only the flowers but also the leaves of Jasmine have an intoxicating scent, making it popular in the perfume space and in the scented tea realm. It is versatile and can be blended with green, black, white, or oolong teas to produce a flavoursome and highly aromatic tea. The addition of these other teas is what gives Jasmine tea its caffeine content.



Does Jasmine Tea Contain Caffeine and How Much?

Unblended and pure Jasmine Tea does not naturally contain caffeine. However, it is blended with other teas to elevate flavour and benefits – making this tea truly tantalizing and enticing. The caffeine content in Jasmine tea depends on several factors, including the kind of true tea added. True teas are made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, which contains natural caffeine. A cup of Jasmine tea could thus have anywhere from 20 to 60 mg of caffeine, depending on the tea it is blended with and other factors. For instance, Purple Jasmine tea is a blend of purple tea and Jasmine green tea, and both Purple tea and Green tea contain caffeine.


The other factors that affect the caffeine content are the growing and harvesting conditions and methods of processing. The brewing time would have the final effect on the amount of caffeine per cup of tea. A shorter steep time will release less caffeine.


The fact is that caffeine is added to Jasmine tea by blending it with other true teas – as a herbal tea, Jasmine tea has zero caffeine content. Jasmine tea when blended with Green tea becomes caffeinated while enhancing the flavour of Green tea. This is true of any Green tea that is added to Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea blended with Black tea would contain about 45 mg of caffeine per cup. The safe amount of caffeine per day is known to be up to 400 mg and hence it is important to know the type of true tea blended with Jasmine tea.


The Uniqueness of Jasmine Tea

The flavour and aroma of Jasmine tea have attracted a ‘fan’ following, with people trying their ways to enjoy it. This tea can be relished both hot and cold, on its own or with additions/variations. Here is a quick tip on how to make a delicious cup of Jasmine green tea:

  1.   Place a tea bag of Jasmine green tea in a cup
  2.   Boil a cup of water in a saucepan/kettle
  3.   Pour this water over the tea bag in the cup
  4.   Allow this to steep covered, for about 3 minutes
  5.   Taste and steep longer if you so desire
  6.   Sit back and savour the exhilarating taste and aroma!



Do continue trying out combinations and variations to truly explore this versatile tea. You could add some mint leaves or a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup, or a twist of lemon – it all depends on your palate. All of these ‘additions’ will astoundingly complement the delicate and flavourful Jasmine tea.

Tea of all types has its benefits. However, it is not meant to treat or replace any advice given by your doctor, especially if one has a medical condition and or is on medication. Tea is one of life’s simple pleasures, and indulging in it daily and sensibly can prove to be the relaxation one needs in the current harried state of life. Jasmine tea is one such elixir – the delicate and flavourful taste and exhilarating aroma may be exactly what one needs to slow down and ‘escape’ life’s complexities for a brief while. Indulge yourself with a cup of Jasmine tea and allow it to soothe and rejuvenate you. Here’s to slowing down – treat yourself to a cup of Jasmine tea! 

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