The magic of Noel/Nativity/Christmas begins way before the actual day - the days of advent. Advent is a time of fun, surprises, and warmth - the advent calendars replicate all of this to ensure that each day brings a different happy surprise. It’s a fun game before Santa makes an appearance, bringing a super-exciting gift each day either 24 or 12 days before Christmas.

Advent calendars are not just beautiful and tiny, but also affordable and are a great way to relax, take some ‘me time’, and unwind. We are ticking one advent task off your list - these unique advent calendar ideas are sure to prove delightful and loads of fun for the entire family. Make every winter morning a celebration and a warm cosy time for all. Here are some top advent calendar ideas for the best Christmas - fa la la la!

  • Handmade Advent Calendar Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree is possibly one of the happiest and most fun activities. Put up your Christmas tree now - and begin decorating it with handmade tree ornaments - for at least a month prior to Christmas eve!

  • Gourmet Chocolate Advent Calendar

Classic Belgian fillings in dark, milk, white chocolate are irresistible treats for just about everyone. Have yourself a merry sweet Christmas!

vahdam advent calendar 1
  • Tea Advent Calendar 2022

What’s better than a steaming cup of hot tea - from a reputed brand with a high-end set of variety teas. The opulence of the box is testimony to the range of royal loose-leaf tea blend ‘treats’ inside - brought to you by Oprah’s favourite wellness brand Vahdam India. Enjoy the wintery breeze with Green tea, Masala chai, Kashmiri Kahwa, and so many more!

vahdam advent calendar 2
  • Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar

Gift this to the tiniest member of your home - yes, this is a ‘personal’ tree for toddlers. It’s a countdown calendar shaped as a tree, with 24 magnetic ornaments and a yellow topper - the star. Your little ones will be delighted to decorate their very own Christmas tree, without help and would be able to arrange the ornaments as her/his little heart desires! What’s more - the fact that it is reusable for years.

  • Harry Potter Fan Advent Calendar

Harry Potter is one character who continues to reign over hearts - his popularity seems to know no bounds! This advent calendar is brimming with miniature collectibles of the Harry Potter series toys. For the crazy fans who want to ‘study at Hogwarts’, these collectibles certainly help to alleviate some of the ‘pain’ of not being at Hogwarts!

  • Candle Advent Calendar

Spread light and fragrance in your home and in the homes of your friends and relatives! This is a beautiful and thoughtful set - lush and appealing to look at, with enchanting scents that will elevate your mood and put you in the festive spirit! Would be great for for all year-round aroma and warm glow.

vahdam advent calendar 3
  • The DIY Advent Calendar 2022

Making advent calendar at home is a great family DIY activity. It contains pre-decorated boxes that can be easily put together, and used to hold holiday candy, dry fruits, trinkets, or whatever you please.

  • Fun Advent Calendar Puzzle

Another great family activity or with that someone special - building this puzzle would be a great way to spend quality time. It’s also an effective way to reminiscence on happy memories and make many more memories for the future.

  • Look Your Best - Self-care Advent Calendar

With a range of 24 beauty and skincare products and useful accessories, you can ensure that you look and feel good. This is a great gift for yourself and for those you love.

vahdam advent calendar 4
  • Tiny Delights Advent Calendar

Tiny, tasteful, and sophisticated - these little boxes make beautiful accessories for the home. The entire family can take part in the fun by hiding special items in them for another person in the family and placing them around the house to be ‘found’. Make some more holiday season memories to last a lifetime!

  • Carols Galore Advent Calendar

Adding festive tunes amidst the bustle counting down to Christmas is a great way elevate cheer and happiness.

  • Candy All the Way Advent Calendar

Candy just doesn’t make kids go crazy - it makes adults become crazy kids! This candy advent calendar has a range of 24 yummy treats that is sure to add to the excitement and fun.

  • Sticky Fun Advent Calendar

Who hasn’t played with stickers as a child and who doesn’t still love them? Get the sticker set - 12 pages of holiday-themed fun stickers to get your creative juices flowing. Create original pieces of artwork and place them in visible spots around the house!

  • For the Furry Babies Advent Calendar

Yes, you love your pets as a family member, so why not get them something special too for the holidays! A range of 12 treats and chews for your furry bundle or bundles of unconditional love!

  • Very Merry Sock Advent Calendar

Socks don’t need to be boring - and you will agree when you see the beautiful and uplifting patterns and colours. They are sure to put you into a great mood and a ‘spring in your step’!


This list is not exhaustive - there are several more such cheery and bountiful advent calendars for you and your family. Who said Christmas is just about the 12 days prior and the day itself? The list mentioned is sure to appeal to everyone in the family - but remember that these items will run out soon - seasonal you see - so get them now and start celebrating early. Have a holly jolly advent and Christmas!

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