Advent begins on November 27 this year 2022 - so if you still haven’t bought your advent calendars for adults and kids, you must rush and get them. Both DIY advent calendars or store-bought should be with you by now. Advent calendars are not only for kids - you may have several memories of them when you were a child - we bring you a list of Advent calendars for adults. After all, advent does mark the countdown to Christmas, which is for everyone right? These adult advent calendars are great for adult couples, all the adults in the family, your adult buddies, and for gifting - check out the list:

  • Time to Preen

Advent calendars with skin and hair care themes are sure to be a mega-hit with both ladies and gentlemen. Depending on which one you buy, they could hold makeup and skincare products that range from sunscreen to de-tanning products to cleansers and moisturizers. They could also contain hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, scalp care, and more, perfumes, shower gels, and many iconic luxurious products. These adult advent calendars are designed to excite, focus on looking and feeling good, and tantalize the senses.

  • A ‘Spirited’ Approach

Get into the party mood with that special someone or with your buddies, with these adult advent calendars. Each day in these advent calendars ‘hides’ mini bottles of the best wines, ‘bubblies’, ‘sparklies’, and or ‘spirits’ - depending on the one you picked out. There’s no reason not to ‘let your hair down’ for a bit - after all, it is the holiday season and the time to unwind.

vahdam advent calendar 1
  • For the Love of Chocolate

Who said adults cannot go crazy with chocolates?! Chocolate-themed adult advent calendars range from dark chocolates, milk and white chocolates to liqueur-filled pieces of gooey goodness, to Christmas-themed temptations! Take your pick from the yummy range available.

  • “Just Tea for Two and Two for Tea”

These are words from the much-loved song by Doris Day and reflect the essence of the Tea-themed adult advent calendar. However, these tea advent calendars that contain a range of 24 loose-leaf teas, are such ‘hot’ favourites as gifts too. Pick calendars containing exhilarating choices from reputed brands. After all, tea is for all year-round happiness and health!

vahdam advent calendar 2
  • Popped Fun

When you ‘pop’ open each window, you get pouches of flavoured popcorn - from spicy to chocolaty, and even spirit-spiked flavours - ideal for a cosy time of watching a romantic flick or a crazy party with buddies. These adult advent calendars make delightfully exciting gifts too!

  • At Home Spa

A tub of warm water, mixed with bath bombs and complemented by scented candles and music - just the thought of this is relaxing! These adult advent calendars offer you the opportunity to get yourself a ‘spa’ in the cosiness of your home and wind down after a hard day. Gift yourself and your loved ones these outrageously relaxing adult advent calendars!

  • I’ll Be There for You

Yes, you guessed it - these are FRIENDS-themed adult advent calendars! They are filled with surprises from ‘FRIENDS’, allowing you to indulge in the holiday season with your true friends, with the characters from FRIENDS - Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross! You gotta get this advent calendar for yourself and your buddies!

vahdam advent calendar 3
  • Scented Candles

Shaped like a Christmas tree, these adult advent calendars have titillating smelling candles, in a range of sizes and colours. Some also contain wick trimmers and wick snuffers - usable for the long term. Collect your chocolates, and spirits, and burn these exciting candles - all set for a cosy and relaxing time with that someone special.

  • Smooth Lips

Who wants chapped lips - not great from any perspective - romance, health, and looks?! An adult advent calendar with a range of budget-friendly Chap Sticks in a variety of colours, tastes, and fragrances will make sure that your lips are protected, super-glossy, and looking good. Amp up the good mood!

vahdam advent calendar 4
  • A Fishing We Will Go

For ardent fishing fans, these adult advent calendars are the go-to gifts - for yourself and your fishing buddies. Some of these calendars contain water-resistant and compact cases to carry the top-quality fishing gear and tackles enclosed with the calendar. Each ‘door’ contains tackles that are salt-water friendly, great for most types of fish, and can be easily cleaned with a quick rinse. So, whether you are a novice or a seasoned fisherman, this is sure to ‘catch’ your attention.

In Conclusion

The holiday season is only a few days away, and along with adult and kid advent calendar, there are so many festive items and trends, all designed to keep the mood and spirits elevated and upbeat. Wishing you happiness!

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