Any festival season is a time to indulge those we love. With this in mind, if you want to get something unique and special this year for men - father, best friend, boyfriend, or even for the guy who would like to pamper himself with delights - these advent calendars for men ought to kick off the holiday season in style!

These are amongst the 10 best advent calendars for men in 2022 - worthy gifts that ‘he’ will most certainly appreciate.

  • The Grooming Buddy

A range of advent calendars that contain all kinds of grooming products - after all, men deserve such pampering too. Ranging from miniatures to full-sized packs, these advent calendars for men contain luxurious grooming products, essential to keep him looking and feeling good! These products include top-line body, skin, and hair care products, face and hair masks, anti-ageing products, and so much more. With the start of advent for 2022 almost knocking on the door, why wait - scoop up these advent calendars before they run out!


  • High Spirits

The festive collection of advent calendars for men includes a range of hand-picked spirits, beers, and liqueurs - from the finest and top-rated brands. These calendars are, assuredly, an excellent gift for the men who can ‘hold’ their drink in a social gathering or those who just love to cosy up with someone special with a drink of their choice.

  • For the Beardy

Men with beards are known to be extremely proud of their facial hair and go to lengths to style them. These advent calendars for men contain a range of beard grooming products - a sure ‘treat’ for the beardies. These products include scented beard oils, clay wax to hold the beard in place, beard styling tools, beard nourishment oils, beard brushes, and so much more. Yes, a great gift for all beard ‘obsessed’ men! 🙂

  • Wine as you Dine

These advent calendars for men contain an exquisite range of wines of all types - rose, red, and white - 24 of them to celebrate each day of Advent. There are so many varieties, allowing you to taste a new type each day and ‘fall in love’ with one that you might never have considered in the past. Truly an advent calendar for the taste ‘connoisseur’ of all things unique!

  • What a ‘Marvel’!

These are definitely the ideal gift for men who love Marvel comics and the range of products associated with them. Some of these advent calendars are handmade and wooden and hold ‘Marvel’ delights ranging from socks, charming souvenirs, holiday-themed mementoes, the Marvel cookbook, Marvel-themed jerky in a variety of flavours, and so much more. Any true Marvel fan will love these high-quality and festive advent calendars.

  • Crackers and Cheese

So he doesn’t like chocolates - no problem! This delightful advent calendar for men contains a variety of cheese, and crackers with dips and chutneys to complement his distinct palate. These will go well with any beverage - including tea, drinking chocolate, sodas, coffee, and wines and beers.

  • Delicious Fragrances

Smelling good isn’t that hard - especially with this range of advent calendars for men that ‘feature’ colognes, perfumes, body oils, and deodorants. These elevated calendars are enticingly hidden behind the ‘doors’ of the advent calendars, making every day a celebration that requires ‘the unwrapping’ of a different gift! You can choose between miniature-sized or full-sized containers.


  • Tea Up

Whether the man you wish to buy this for is a tea fanatic, is someone trying to cut out coffee or looking to start a new healthy regime, these advent calendars are for him! Even non-tea drinkers will love the range of teas - stylishly packed in holiday-themed containers - one for each day. He can treat himself to teas such as Vanilla Chai, Spiced Masala Chai, Earl Grey Chai, Green tea, White tea, and several other outstanding flavour profiles of tea - each one delicious and healthy!


  • Accessories Galore

Ranging from shower and shaving kits to socks and sleep masks, to phone stands and bottle openers, these advent calendars for men present a new surprise each day. Some even contain underwear from some of the most stylish brands! Imagine that - what a collection to gift the men you care about.

  • Get Hot and Saucy

For the man who loves ‘heat’ and loves ‘raising the temperature’ - these advent calendars for men contain a range of some of the hottest sauces containing the Carolina Reaper - one of the spiciest edible peppers in the world, sauces containing ghost peppers and habanero, and some other hottest peppers in the world, complemented with garlic, vinegar, and other ingredients! Whew - so hot!


There is a range of other advent calendars for men for 2022 - all designed to please ‘the man’ and brighten up his holiday time. Given how well-made and durable these are, they can be used for years - all you need to do is fill in more goodies, and a single advent calendar will be different the next year. Don’t forget to check out advent calendars featuring his favourite band or gaming. Gift your man - loads of love and useful surprises this advent and beyond!

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