With a delicious tangy upgrade to your daily cup, tea with lemon has far-reaching positive effects on your health. The powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant goodness that it has to offer is just the start. So let's take a look at what are the 5 Best health benefits of tea with lemon.

tea with lemon

Our lives are not the same as before with the global pandemic reigning for more than half of the year and the world collectively going through unprecedented times. Being forced to remain indoors, we all have had to take a hard look at how to take better care of our health and turn to more accessible natural sources for boosting our overall immunity. From kale smoothies to a nutty trail mix, or an uplifting and sprightly cup of tea with lemon. Yes, we are gonna talk about the goodness that a delicious cup of lemon tea packs and the world of powerful health benefits that it brings along. Let’s get to it.

So what exactly is Lemon Tea? It’s basically a cup of any Black tea or Green tea liquor that has lemon squeezed in it to give rise to a completely unique sprightly flavor and add a powerful punch of good health to your cup. Adding the right amount of lemon juice to your tea is the trick to master here and you can make yourself an entirely new beverage that has a deliciously tangy, spiced taste.

tea with lemon

Lemons being the smallest member of the citrus family are actually the most nutritious than other larger citrus fruits. Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Citric acid, alpha, and beta carotenes.  Lemons are also an excellent source of essential minerals like Potassium. Rich in beneficial antioxidants, it contains powerful phytochemicals like Hesperidin, Diosmin, D-limonene, etc. Combining such a nutritionally dense fruit with an amazing healthy beverage like Tea is bound to become one of the best solutions for a robust immunity-boost fix and much more. If you want to read about why Tea is considered to be so healthy, you can read it here.

Let’s take a look at what are the Top 5 Health Benefits of Tea with Lemon.

1. Boosts Your Immune System

The combination of Tea and lemon is the perfect cocktail for an immunity boost. Black teas and Green Teas have abundant antioxidants that help in neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body and help in reducing cell damage and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. But if you drink tea with lemon, you also get the added benefit of lemon’s nutrients like phenolic antioxidants, carotenes, and Vitamin C. One lemon contains close to 31 grams of Vitamin C which is 51% of the daily recommended intake. This helps in adding to your overall immunity.

You can read the abstract of the scientific paper that confirms this immunity-boosting effect of lemon here.

Especially with Green Tea which is rich in Catechins (a class of antioxidants) that benefit your heart and reduce the risk of certain cancers. Lemon helps your body in extracting a higher percentage of catechins from Green Tea. Additionally, lemon also helps in improving the iron-absorption in the body which has far-reaching positive effects on your health. All the more reason to reach for a cup of Green Tea with lemon.

tea with lemon in cups

2. Good for the Heart’s Health

Drinking lemon tea regularly is a great way to improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiac diseases. We have known that tea is rich in flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals that cause cell damage. These flavonoids have been proven to improve the endothelial function of the heart and the health of the blood vessels of the heart reduce the oxidation of the bad cholesterol (LDL) that would otherwise lead to plaque buildup in arterial walls. Hence drinking tea every day is linked to good heart health. But combining tea with lemon adds manifold to this health benefit. 

Lemons, which are a great source of Vitamin C, have been shown to improve heart health as well. There is a great deal of research that has shown that Vitamin C reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. The citrus fiber present in lemons helps reduce the risk factors for cardiac diseases. The phytochemicals hesperidin and diosmin present in lemon have been shown to reduce cholesterol. Therefore having a cup of lemon tea every single day is an incredible way to protect your heart.

3. Improves Digestion

Tea with lemon is well-known for improving digestion and many of us turn to a glass of hot water with lemon squeezed into it to soothe our stomach and keep our digestive system on track. Coming to teas, there are hundreds of publications that have spoken highly of teas’ ability to help boost our digestion. Black teas are rich in thearubigins which help treat indigestion and also protect the stomach against ulcers. Green Tea’s powerful positive effects on our digestion. The Catechins, like EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) present in Green Tea, have significant anti-inflammatory properties and help in reducing stomach cramps, breaking down fats efficiently, and to also treat colitis.

Introducing lemon with these teas helps add to the digestive boost that these teas have to offer.  Lemons are great in flushing toxins from the body and help improve the absorption of these antioxidants present in the teas mentioned above, thereby improving their effects. Having a cup of Green tea with lemon means that the absorption of catechins by your body goes up by 6 times. The citric acid in lemon aids digestion and helps dissolve kidney stones. D-limonene in lemons can alleviate heartburn and reduce stomach reflux.

4. Good for the Liver

One cannot stress how important liver health is and Tea with lemon packs a dose of good health for your liver. Tea has been known for its plethora of benefits for the liver. Black Teas and Green Teas, both being rich in beneficial antioxidants, have been shown to improve the levels of enzymes in the liver, reduce oxidative stress, and also bring down fat deposits in the liver.

Lemon on the other hand maintains the natural pH of the body and cleans the liver as well. This enables the liver to produce more bile which can further aid digestion.

tea with lemon with loose leaf

5. Reduces Risk of Certain Cancers

As we have discussed above, lemon and tea both have powerful antioxidant properties which are crucial for our immune system. These antioxidants neutralize the harmful, naturally-occurring harmful radicals in the body which cause cell damage. Tea contains polyphenols, whereas lemons contain Vitamin C. A combination of these two prevents cell damage and prevent the growth of cancerous cells. The class of bio compounds called limonoids, found in lemons, help fight several types of cancers like those of the mouth, lung, stomach, breast, etc. The anti-cancer properties of lemons also reduce the risk of skin cancers. Hence a soothing, uplifting, and refreshing cup of tea with lemon will also help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

With many more health benefits of tea with lemon, you can choose to go for a delicious fortifying cup of Lemon spiced Green Tea or indulge in a luscious helping of our bestselling Citrus Cooler Iced Tea. So start your mornings with a nutritious cup of tea with lemon and see the effects for yourself!

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