Temperatures are dropping and are a reminder that staying warm is essential - what better way than to ‘pile on’ added warmth with a steaming cup of tea?! A hot cup of tea - of your choice - is not only a great way to stay warm, but is also helpful to relax, unwind, and stay healthy. One of the best teas to get all of this - not forgetting the incredible taste - is Honey Tea. Given its versatility honey can be combined with a number of types of teas to give you a different taste each time. We have some favorites that we are recommending and can give you some more ideas for more combinations and recipes for Honey Tea. Honey is truly a healthier substitute for sugar or sugar-free pellets or even jaggery. Honey and Tea are truly inseparable partners - together they soothe the throat, have a calming effect, and work great to combat the cold.

What’s so Special ‘Honey’?

Honey is glucose and fructose and there are more than 300 varieties of honey in the world. The color and flavor of a type of honey depend on the flower it is extracted from, and every kind of honey is usually named depending on its source. Given the many types of honey, mixing it with tea would offer a different type of taste - indulge in the flavor combinations by making your own depending on the kinds of tea:

  • The grassy, earthy, or vegetal taste of green tea is great for honey varieties that are floral to taste such as clover and lavender. Blueberry works well too, for an incredible-tasting honey tea with green tea as the base.
  • Orange blossom honey is a superlative combination for the robust, dark, intense, and malty flavor of black tea. Try it!
  • The delicate and light vegetal flavor of the silver needle White Tea can be paired with the mild floral taste of Acacia honey, while the more robust White Peony can be paired with the light-colored Rapeseed honey that offers a light peppery taste.
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How Well Do You Blend ‘Honey’?

Tea is consumed across the world and people are constantly finding ways to make it the healthier choice, and one of the ways to do so is by eliminating the calories got from milk and sugar added to tea. Green tea, for example, is said to complement weight loss efforts, and hence the addition of sugar is counter intuitive. However, Green tea is slightly bitter hence people tend to ignore its many health benefits - adding honey can resolve this problem.

Always brew tea with fresh water and allow tea leaves to brew for the optimal number of minutes (depending on the type of tea), and as per personal taste. Allow the brewed tea to cool for a few minutes before adding the honey of your choice - this ensures that the honey retains its healthy properties.

How To Make Honey Tea

  1. Honey tea can be prepared with Basswood Honey combined with Mint. The fruity taste of this honey complements the strong flavor and aroma of mint tea. Basswood Honey is pleasant, with a wood-like underlying fresh taste, which makes it one of the perfect ‘partners’ for a variety of teas.
  2. Rooibos tea becomes Orange Blossom Honey tea when combined with orange blossom tea. Rooibos tea is a full-bodied and dark red tea and the citrusy taste and fruity scent of Orange Blossom Honey make an ideal pairing.
  3. Chamomile Honey tea with Sage Honey and Chamomile has a calming effect. Sage Honey is a heavy-bodied, albeit mild honey that delicately complements the taste of Chamomile tea, without being overpowering. Drink this tea to soothe an upset mind and body, and at bedtime it will help you sleep a lot better.
  4. The highly aromatic Jasmine tea is best paired with Holly Honey, which is an ‘assertive’ bright-tasting honey that has flavors of butterscotch, brown sugar, and caramel. It is a smooth and rich honey, making a brilliant cup of Jasmine-Honey Tea
  5. The most popular, strongest, and highly robust black tea needs a match that is as strong and pleasurable. This is why Sourwood Honey or Thyme Honey are the best ‘partners’
  6. The mild and beautiful White tea is best paired with the clear and light, with delicate floral notes of Acacia Honey. This honey is as light and elegant as White tea and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. These two ingredients make for an enriching and uplifting cup of tea.


Honey tea is the perfect sweetness, but it is also great for health. Honey added to any tea significantly raises the level of antioxidants, helping the body combat illness and infections. Any kind of tea becomes Honey tea by adding honey of any type, making an incredible treat for your palate. Give yourself the gift of health and unique tea experiences with Honey added to your tea!

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