The wider world is waking up to the plethora of benefits of Turmeric, while India has been using this revered spice for more than 5000 years. Owing to its powerful healing properties, Turmeric is used for a variety of health concerns, but it has proven itself to be incredibly beneficial for the skin as well.

Read more to know about the many ways a cup of Turmeric latte will benefit your skin.


While Ayurveda, the traditional practice of medicine in India, has been talking of the many benefits of turmeric milk since a while, it’s only now that modern medicine, the food and cosmetic industry around the world is waking up to this powerful golden spice. Every Indian household will have a jar of this vibrant, yellow spice that they use for a variety of purposes. One of the traditional ways in which turmeric has been consumed over years in India has been in the form of Golden Milk ( ‘Haldi Doodh’) or a Turmeric latte.

From being a potent fix for seasonal colds to healing wounds ; from providing great anti-inflammatory benefits to boosting one’s immunity- there is a whole lot of wholesome goodness that make Turmeric a superfood, the perfect addition to your regular health regime. 

What is Turmeric ?

Turmeric is a product of Curcuma longa, a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the ginger family and native to Southeast Asia. The whole turmeric is a tuberous rhizome which has a rough outer skin. The main rhizome inside has a yellow and dull orange color, which on being grounded produces a bright yellow powder -- — the more popular version of Turmeric.

What is so Special about Turmeric?

The star ingredient of Turmeric - ‘Curcumin’ is what makes Turmeric a superfood. Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the body. Several research studies have proven curcumin’s antiseptic, anti-bacterial, antiviral and pain-relieving properties. Curcumin also has been proven to improve brain and heart functions, thereby offering a gamut of amazing health benefits.

Curcumin's Chemical Formula

What is Turmeric Latte or Golden Milk ? 

One of the common traditional ways of consuming turmeric for good health is to boil it with milk and spices, on low heat. The result is a gorgeous vibrant golden cup of wholesome goodness, known as the ‘Golden Milk’ or Turmeric latte.


Turmeric for Your Skin

In India, generations and generations of people have been using a topical paste of Turmeric as the ultimate solution to all their skin ailments, to heal scars and acne, to make the skin younger and more fuller, or just to give their skin a glamorous glow before their wedding day. 


For all those who are averse to the idea of a topical paste, there’s good news!
What if we told you that there is yet another way to reap the goodness of turmeric for our skin, but also get active nourishment and all other health benefits along with it.

Yes! The answer is Turmeric Latte or Golden Milk.

Let’s take a look at how drinking Turmeric Latte regularly can be an amazing addition to your skincare routine. 

1. Helps Reduce Cell Damage

A glass of Turmeric milk daily, really does wonders for your skin, first by boosting the body’s overall immunity and in the process of it, reducing cell damage. This is because of Curcumin’s powerful antioxidant properties. It helps in neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body that cause cell damage.

2. Helps Clear and Cure Acne inside Out.

Turmeric is a powerful ingredient that can help clear and cure acne issues. Acne is caused when the P. Acnes (bacteria) overwhelms your skin, increasing the production of sebum and clogging the pores of the skin. This eventually inflames the skin and causes acne.


While topical anti-acne creams in the market claim to cure acne, in this case these cosmetics only kill the surface level bacteria, while killing the good bacteria as well and also damaging the cells. So instead of anti-acne cosmetics, drinking Turmeric milk daily is a safer, more effective and natural way of dealing with acne.

Curcumin, the active bio-compound of Turmeric, has powerful anti-microbial properties which inhibit the growth of P. Acnes bacteria that causes acne. But it also works on the inside and helps to do some gut-cleansing work. Consuming turmeric milk regularly can help in clearing out the gut of bad bacteria, thereby helping the good flora and fauna in the gut flourish. This means proper digestion which directly has an impact on our skin.So let's whip a healing cup of that vibrant Turmeric latte.

3.Helps Clear Acne Scars and other Marks

It is no surprise that acne will leave scars! But worry not, as golden latte is the perfect solution for that as well. Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties as well which help calm down an inflamed skin. Additionally, turmeric helps in healing wounds, injuries and scars as it reduces the healing time of the skin.


4. Combats Skin Pigmentation and Lack of Lustre

Our skin absorbs everything we give in our lifestyles,- the food, the transport amidst so much urban pollution, the dirt and above everything else the stress of daily life which causes the skin to dull, pigmented and also just tired. But thanks to curcumin’s powerful antioxidant properties help neutralize harmful free radicals, and reduce cell damage. Having a daily cup of Turmeric latte will not only help reduce the pigmentation, but it will also help clear the gut. If our digestion goes well, it starts to show on our skin as well.


Yes, we've got our Matcha Teas and our pantry is stocked with our favorite Green Teas, which honestly do us a lot of good- but a soothing, healing and nourishing cup of Turmeric milk is truly an exceptional superfood that can work wonders for our skin.


Vahdam’s Turmeric Latte Mixes

Vahdam’s Turmeric Superblend Latte Mixes have been curated with a comprehensive understanding of each of the natural ingredients and the health purpose they serve. There are 5 exclusive blends of Turmeric latte mixes where the blenders have combined turmeric with other superfoods, like Ginger, Moringa, Ashwagandha, Black Pepper, and Reishi Mushroom.

Hence our 5 incredible and unique Turmeric latte blends have been designed keeping in mind specific medicinal benefits, in addition to having tremendous nutritional value and bolstering your overall immunity.

Bioavailability of Curcumin.

An interesting fact, Turmeric if consumed by itself, does not get readily absorbed by the body and hence does not benefit our health significantly. For this very reason, all our Turmeric blends include Black pepper in the mix, which has been proven to increase curcumin’s bio-absorption rate by 2000 times. You can be assured that a cup of this bountiful golden latte will positively add to your health quotient!

So let’s love and latte! Shall we?


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