Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized and lightly fermented tea, resulting in a taste that lies somewhere between the tastes of green tea and black tea. The part oxidization process helps preserve micro-nutrients such as minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Here are 10 astounding health benefits of Oolong tea, making it a ‘woow’ beverage. However, it is extremely important to check with your doctor before adding anything to your diet, especially if you are ill or on any kind of medication.


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  • Helps to Fend Off Diabetes

Oolong tea, when consumed regularly, is known to regulate blood sugar levels and bring them down to a healthy amount when consumed regularly over 30 days. The action of the polyphenols not only keeps blood sugar levels in control but also increases insulin sensitivity, which further optimizes blood sugar levels. 

  • Elevate Brain Function

It contains natural caffeine, which helps to revitalize the brain and accelerate its functioning by enabling the release of dopamine. Additionally, Oolong tea also contains amino acids, and theanine help to soothe anxiety and improve focus and attention even while doing everyday routine tasks. Among the astounding health benefits of Oolong tea, is long-term consumption fortifies the brain muscles, boosts cognitive ability, and accelerates information processing. This in turn keeps brain degenerative diseases at bay. 

  • Immunity Boosting

The health benefits of Oolong tea are from the many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These micro-nutrients help combat several diseases and induce a proactive immune response in the body, which in turn boosts the immune system.

  • Enhances Heart Health

The semi-oxidized property of Oolong tea keeps its antioxidants at a high level, which in turn helps to reduce bad cholesterol and high blood pressure. With these silent killers in check, there is a significant lowering in risk of cardiovascular diseases. Hence, those possibly susceptible or vulnerable to heart ailments should consume Oolong tea. Do check with your doctor before adding it to your diet.

  • Helps with Weight Loss

Obesity and the inability to lose weight fast are possibly amongst the most frustrating health issues. Polyphenols improve metabolism while inhibiting the secretion of enzymes that build fat. Those dealing with weight gain and obesity should include Oolong tea in their diet – after checking with their dietician/nutritionist.

  • Reduces Possibility of Cancer

The antioxidants in a hot cup of Oolong tea help to curb cell mutation, which could potentially lead to cancer. Additionally, the polyphenols restrict cancerous cells from dividing and increasing inside the body. Consuming this tea can raise the body’s defenses against cancer.

  • Curative Properties for Skin Ailments

Among other health benefits of Oolong tea, protection against skin problems is another, but in a safe and natural way. It lowers the impact and damage on the skin caused by UV rays, which thus helps to alleviate dark spots, hyperpigmentation, eczema, and other skin-related issues.

  • Improves Sleeping Patterns

Insomnia or disturbed sleep are major causes of severe health problems. In the short-term, it affects one’s mood, causes stress, brings about lethargy, and inability to carry on with daily tasks. Further, the long-term effects of inadequate sleep can be a lot more harmful. Oolong tea contains compounds such as GABA or Gamma-aminobutyric acid and L-theanine – their job is to soothe and calm neuronal excitability, which thus helps to induce sleep. Proper rest and sleep are critical for overall physical and mental health.

  • Strengthening Teeth and Bones

The micronutrients in Oolong tea help to gain bone mass, which in turn reduces the chances of osteoporosis. Further, consuming this tea assists with the healing process of broken bones. Drinking Oolong tea after a meal helps to keep teeth clean and strong, while also having an overall calming effect on the body.

  • Mood Elevator

L-theanine is an amino acid that is present in abundance in Oolong tea, which acts as a stress-buster and mood enhancer. While it helps the brain to relax and brings feelings of rejuvenation, which elevates one’s mood.


While this tea has a load of health benefits, it is important to know how much of it to consume, especially since it contains caffeine. When in doubt check with your doctor, such that you can ‘extract’ all the health benefits, without any adverse side effects. Wishing you an ‘oolong’ life!



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Subscribe to our newsletter & stay updated! What's more - A SPECIAL DISCOUNT ONLY FOR YOU!