Happiness is largely a matter of digestion. Ensure a healthy gut, and the rest will take care of itself. 

Agreed? A good digestion is so essential to our daily health. Good digestion means that our bodies are effectively absorbing the nutrients from the food that we consume ; flush out the waste products from our bodies and prevent the build-up of toxins in our body; for our immune system to function properly and so much more. The days that we suffer from indigestion, it wrecks our mood and greatly our productivity as well. Of course, not everyone is blessed with a great digestion, but if that’s the case, the question is that is there a way to improve our digestion without building any dependence on pills? The answer is Yes! It’s called a natural colon cleanse.

What does the Colon Do?

We have to make sure that we take care of one of the most important organs in our digestive system, which is the colon, also called the large intestine. The colon is a tubular organ which is entrusted with the vital responsibility of remove waste products from the body. As a part of the digestive system, it works in tandem with the small intestine and the stomach to eliminate stool from the body and keep the balance of fluids and electrolytes in order. 


What is a Colon Cleanse?


A colonic therapy or a colon cleanse is an alternative detox method using herbal/ medicinal ingredients that facilitate clearing our waste and toxins from the colon. Traditional medicine like Ayurveda has several mentions of herbal potions and tinctures which were developed for colonic therapy that date back to thousands of years, it is important to note that modern science has also ratified a natural colon cleanse to have many proven benefits of a natural colon cleanse that have been proven to be beneficial, like helping with constipation or regularizing irregular bowel movements, and reducing the risk of developing colon cancer, flushing out toxins and pathogens that enter the body.

A natural colon cleanse is a significant part of keeping up with your digestive health because why not! A healthy digestive system helps improve energy levels, boosts mental health, strengthens immune responses, gives healthier hair and a clearer skin. There have been studies that found out that a natural colon cleanse is best for optimal digestive wellness and therefore, a healthy life.


Is a Natural Colon Cleanse Safe?

There is no doubt about the fact that yes, there are also some over the counter colon cleansing products available which may claim they to not have any side effects, but it necessarily does not translate into the fact that they are safe for long-term use.  


As a matter of fact, frequent colon cleansing can lead to change in the natural bacteria of the colon and lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, tearing of colon, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, side effects which can be dangerous for your heart and kidney. Therefore, all the over-the-counter products should all be taken under medical supervision. 


Another method is colon hydrotherapy conducted by a medical professional, where a tube is inserted up through the rectum. If both of these methods don’t seem to be your choice, then we suggest you take a look at a natural colon cleanse which employs the use of natural herbs, spices, and botanicals that are proven diuretics, can promote good gut flora, help the body flush out toxins and also reduce inflammation and help with disorders like IBS etc.



Safer Everyday Alternatives - A Natural Colon Cleanse

But, yes, there are safe natural ways to cleanse colon that can be used regularly in adequate amounts. In this complete guide to best colon cleanse, we will tell you some of the most popular and effective natural methods to try at home and the science behind them. Here are some tips below :-


Consume Herbal Teas for Digestion Support

Incorporating herbal teas in your daily regime is the safest way to help keep your colon clean and your digestive system efficient. The reason being that drinking warm liquids is a great way to get more water into the body. Staying hydrated is a powerful natural way for easing constipation and colon cleanse. But that’s not the only reason. Herbal teas have several ingredients which have dedicated functional benefits of helping your digestive system and cleansing your colon.

Ingredients like Ginger, Mint, Turmeric, Senna Leaf, Hibiscus etc are famed for being proven superfoods for your digestive system.
For example, Senna leaf is proven to improve bowel movements by helping the undigested food move faster through the colon. Similarly, Peppermint and Turmeric have anti-inflammatory benefits that reduce inflammation, providing effective relief to persons suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.
Ingredients like ginger and tulsi contain antimicrobial phytochemicals that suppress bad bacteria and are helpful in cleansing your gut. 

Another reason that can throw your digestion off-track is chronic stress. Several herbal teas alleviate symptoms of anxiety, help you relax, induce sleep and also help improve the quality of sleep - all of which help improve your mental health and help manage stress effectively. 

Some herbal teas like turmeric ginger herbal tea is a great choice for a digestion support herbal tea or the Turmeric Moringa herbal Tea. Have two cups of this herbal tea for a month or two, couple this with some physical activity - and you will be able to tell the difference yourself. You could also choose the Pure Mint Herbal tea for a cooling, calming cup of herbal goodness that will help with indigestion as well.


Drink Lemon based Tea on an Empty Stomach

Lemon works wonders for colon cleanse detox. Regularly consuming lemon juice or lemon tea on an empty stomach allows ascorbic acids, or Vitamin C to interact more easily with the gut mucosa for a better bowel preparation and boosts digestion. You can either drink a mix of fresh lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt with warm water every morning on an empty stomach.

If you wanna kick it up a notch and gain more from this daily ritual, we suggest trying a Lemon tea with other superfoods that will further digestion support. For example Green Tea is a great choice in this regard. Green tea contains catechins, a class of polyphenols, which help in reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Try our Lemon Spiced Green Tea, which is a refreshing bountiful blend of Himalayan Green Tea with goodness of lemons and holy basil.


If you are interested in natural ways to cleanse the colon, consuming digestion support teas is a great choice. Here's an excellent comprehensive guide on the health benefits of herbal teas. You can also know of the Top 5 teas to consume for better digestion and a happier gut here.

Although daily use of herbal teas is completely safe on a healthy human body, when you are using herbal teas, for a colon cleanse, there are some ingredients that might not be suitable for you if you're already on some prescription medicines. For example, Hibiscus is not suited for folks with low blood pressure as it helps lower blood pressure.

So if you have a chronic illness or are taking prescription medicine for blood pressure, then we suggest that you consult your doctor once before you start with the herbal teas. Do not increase the frequency of their use especially if you have high blood pressure. You might need professional advice. 

Until next time!

Heena Mahajan,

Contributing Wellness Author for Vahdam India



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