When you crave certain foods, it is a sign from your body that you are either tired or your body is missing a vital nutrient. A green tea shot is perhaps one of the most nutritious drinks that will satiate the cravings while boosting the supply of vitamins and nutrients vital for your body. When made right, green tea shots are powerhouses of health – jam-packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other vital nutrients. Of course, since these non-alcoholic ‘shots’ contain tea, they also come with amounts of caffeine, which prove to be mood elevators and energy boosters. Green tea shots are not only healthy but are also tasty and incredibly simple to make. Add these ‘shots’ to your days, but if you have a medical condition and or are on medication, do check with your doctor before starting.

green tea shot

What is in a Green Tea Shot?

Goodness and Health – the two things that are in Green Tea shots! Well, with regard to ingredients, here is what goes into making green tea shots. The original green tea shot contains Jameson Irish Whiskey, and the reason these originals were referred to as green tea shots is because of the color similar to green tea. We are discussing today the non-alcoholic version which does actually contain green tea – matcha green tea, to be precise!

Green Health

A matcha green tea shot uses matcha powder and hot water and is usually served cold in ‘shot’ glasses without ice cubes and is drunk up in one ‘shot’. It can also be had slowly, just as you would sip an espresso. Green tea shots are great to have in the morning, given that they contain caffeine and act as energy boosters or ‘shots’ – great for an energetic day. Some people substitute coconut water instead of plain water – shooting the health benefits way up. Depending on how you decide to drink green tea shots, the sure thing is that you will feel refreshed, energized, ready to go, and have no hangover! It’s also great with some ginger for that extra powerful punch of zing and health.

Here is the list of ingredients to make energy-packed shots of green tea:

  • Culinary-grade Matcha green tea powder (1 tsp or 2gms of matcha powder contains approximately 70 mg of caffeine)
  • Coconut water
  • A piece of fresh ginger
  • Lemon Juice
  • Some Sea Salt

Depending on your preference you could spruce up this base recipe and add sprigs of fresh mint or cucumber slices – just another layer of taste and health.

The list of equipment you would need to make this delicious green tea shot:

  • Blender
  • Shot glasses (or small glasses)

You are all set to make your homemade version of matcha green tea shots.


  • Take one teaspoon of matcha green tea, 70 to 100ml of water or coconut water. Adjust the ‘water’ to taste.
  • Pour the water into the blender
  • Add the matcha green tea powder, sea salt, ginger, and lemon juice
  • Cover the blender and turn it on
  • Ensure that you blend until all the clumps are dissolved.
  • Pour the mixture into a shot glass and enjoy your shot of green health!
  • Add sprigs of mint or cucumber bits (if you like)

The best part is that you can make this every day in a few minutes. Remember, however, to buy only culinary grade matcha green tea powder from a reputed brand so you know that you have the best quality.

Your Morning Shot of Energy

As mentioned, one teaspoon of Matcha powder contains about 70mg of caffeine – which is why it is best had in the morning and maybe restrict to one shot a day. Also, it is advisable to speak with your doctor before including Matcha green tea shots in your morning routine, especially if you are on medication of any kind and or have a medical condition or health concerns.

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Shots

Green tea shots are ‘in’, or ‘trendy’ given that people are gravitating towards caring more about their health and immunity. These potent health shots are exactly what you need to ‘wake up’ and invigorate your body and give extra power to your immunity. Here are the health benefits of green tea shots:

  1. Energy Booster

The natural caffeine in green tea contains enough energy to kickstart your day and keep you feeling energetic throughout. When compared with other caffeinated beverages, matcha green tea shots do not cause your energy levels to spike and then crash mid-day. Instead, it provides energy in a slow and steady manner, enabling energy through your hectic day. Coconut water is a delicious source of natural electrolytes and is rich in several minerals and vitamins – raising the health and energy quotient of your Matcha green tea shot.

  1. Powerhouse of Antioxidants

Matcha powder, coconut water, and ginger brim with antioxidants, which are so vital for overall well-being. Regular consumption of antioxidants combats excess free radicals and prevents damage from toxins. They also help to keep chronic illnesses/diseases at bay.

  1. Brain Function Booster

The caffeine and L-theanine in Matcha green tea are known to elevate focus, memory, concentration, and reaction time. Both these components have stimulating effects on cognitive functions and performance, and they help prevent mental fatigue.

  1. Super Hydrating

Coconut water contains a sea-load of nutrients and is highly effective in maintaining the body’s hydration. Staying hydrated is essential for muscle and joint strength and lubrication.

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Ginger is a superfood that helps to reduce pain and inflammation and has a soothing effect on the throat.

Small but Powerful

The tiny Matcha green tea shot is incredibly tasty apart from being a powerhouse of health and energy. Start your day right, sans the caffeine crash towards the afternoon, and you are on your way to having power-packed and energetic days! Here’s to your health!


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