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Turmeric Superfood Lattes

Organic , Keto-Friendly, Caffeine Free. Just add Water or Milk.

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Turmeric mushroom latte mix
US $14.99 3.53oz . 100gm . 40 Cups
Boosts Energy & Immunity
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Turmeric ashwagandha latte mix
US $14.99 3.53oz . 100gm . 40 Cups
Helps Relieve Stress + Anti-Ageing
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Turmeric ginger latte mix
US $14.99 3.53oz . 100gm . 40 Cups
Boosts Metabolism & Supports weight Management
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Turmeric moringa latte mix
US $14.99 3.53oz . 100gm . 40 Cups
Aids Detox & Cleanses
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Turmeric classic latte mix
US $14.99 3.53oz . 100gm . 40 Cups
Strong Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Superfood Lattes Bundle

Get 4 Lattes @17% Off Today

US $49.99 US $59.96

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"Delicious, and powerful. I can’t go a day without these Turmeric Lattes. My daily dose of Superfood nutrition. I would highly reccomend"

Kate Poulson

30 Day Money Back Gurantee

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People love us

My newfound love is the Turmeric Ginger mix - not only is it delicious in taste but I've also personally experienced the anti-inflammatory effects and pain relief after yoga workouts! Would highly recommend these stir-ins


I really love turmeric lattes in the mornings - and VAHDAM's mixes are made with real turmeric and other superfoods which are great for when I need an energy boost during the day.


Turmeric Moringa, some frozen bananas and a splash of almond milk - a perfect smoothie which is yum, anti-inflammatory and an immune booster all the same! Definitely try it out

Kaitlin Irmscher