Nicole x VAHDAM® Self-Care Kit

112 Reviews

What’s Inside?

60 Tea Bags | 4.23 oz/120 g

Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea, Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea, Sweet Cinnamon Chai Tea, Mint Melody Green Tea, Sweet Himalayan Green Tea, Nicole Scherzinger Deluxe Ardour Tumbler

Nicole x VAHDAM® Self-Care Kit

112 Reviews
Experience the joys and benefits of everyday self-care with this splendid collection of 6 tea blends. The limited-edition gift box of delectable VAHDAM® blends was carefully curated by Nicole to put sharing warmth at the top of your list this holiday season, complete with a stylish & chic tumbler to keep your beverages hot or cold for hours.

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Limited Edition Collection of Finest Indian Teas & Drinkware
Certified Climate & Plastic Neutral brand that supports it's people & planet

What’s Inside?

A peek inside the self-care kit:
Hibiscus Rose HERBAL TEA, 10 Tea Bags A luscious floral tisane of hibiscus and rose with aromatic spices
Mint Melody Green Tea, 10 Tea Bags A spirited and sprightly medley of excellent Green tea with carefully selected spearmint & peppermint leaves
Sweet Cinnamon CHAI TEA, 10 Tea BAgs Sweet and spicy traditional Indian Chai with extra cinnamon for a lingering flavor
Sweet Himalayan GREEN TEA, 10 TEa BAGs An in-house best-seller made with Himalayan Green tea with timeless herbs & exotic Indian spices
TURMERIC SPICED HERBAL TEA, 10 Tea Bags A timeless combination of golden Turmeric chunks and soothing ginger
VANILLA SPICED MASALA CHAI TEA, 10 TEA BAGS A blend of India's spicy Masala Chai with vibrant flavors of vanilla
Deluxe Tumbler 350ml/11.83oz A stylish and chic tumbler perfect to keep your tea at just the right temperature.



The tea-loving multi-hyphenate Nicole Scherzinger needs no special introduction. While leading a life on the move, Nicole knows the importance of taking time to care for herself and wants to inspire you to do the same! Choose your blend and take that time to relax and reflect this holiday season.
“Self-care can come in many forms, including a warm cup of healing tea made with the most divine ingredients. Take some tea-time out for yourself today!” Nicole Scherzinger, American Singer-Songwriter, Actress, + TV Personality

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Janice K.
Very well-curated and packed. With the first cup, I knew this was some great tea! I can literally make out ingredients in the tea bag. I haven't come across any tea brand as genuine as this one
Jessica Bale
This self-care box is a perfect start to the holiday season. I am looking forward to trying all the flavors. So far, the hibiscus rose is my favorite. The packaging is also beautiful. I am going to save this one.
Santiago MK.
What a thoughtful collaboration! Congrats Nicole & VAHDAM, the teas are absolutely amazing. Oh and the tumbler is super cute, my daughter doesn’t leave home without it now.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gift this to my friends?
Yes, it makes for a perfect Holiday gift for all your friends who are Nicole fans. This limited-edition kit is also perfect for people who love teas and are all about healthy living.
What material is Deluxe starry tumbler made of?
Our Tumbler is made up of high quality, rust-resistant 18/8 Foodgrade Stainless Steel material. The lid is made of BPA-Free plastic. The lid comes with slider functionality i.e. opens and closes that enable to drink with ease and convenience. This tumbler is reusable providing an eco-friendly alternative to disposable cups.
Is the Tumbler dishwasher safe?
Our product is safe to be used in the Dishwasher. Wash it as per your convenience—either with hands or in a dishwasher.
What are your tea bags made of?
While we started out with high-grade Nylon mesh tea bags that are heat-sealed and high-density enveloped, we are moving towards plant based tea bags with the aim of being environmental friendly and sustainable.
What is the shelf life of your teas?
All Vahdam Teas have a shelf-life of 3 years from the Date of Picking/Harvest. The 'Date of Expiry' is mentioned on the bottom of all our boxes.

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