Earl Grey Spiced Chai Tea, 30 Count


A delightful combination of Black tea with soothing bergamot aroma and zingy piquancy of spices

Earl Grey Spiced Chai Tea, 30 Count


A delightful combination of Black tea with soothing bergamot aroma and zingy piquancy of spices
    About the Tea
    Sourced by VAHDAM India directly from the tea estate, cleaned & vacuum sealed at source in India and shipped directly to our fulfillment centers in the US. Teas, as fresh as in the gardens.
    Medium Caffeine
    Individually Enveloped
    Certifications -

    Real Tea. Real Ingredients.

    Black Tea CTC

    Improved Focus, Helps in improving Gut Health, Helps to boost heart health

    Bergamot Extracts

    Reduces pain and inflammation, Lowers cholesterol, Acts as a stress buster


    Good source of Anti Oxidants, Helps in improving bad breath, Helps in improving digestion


    Rich source of Anti - Oxidants and may helps in Lower blood sugar, Known for Anti - Inflammatory properties


    Helps in blood circulation and relieves stress, Fights inflammation, Aids in good digestion

    Black Pepper

    Aids digestion and detoxifies the body, Helpful in treating skin problems, Rich in Vitamin B

    The Upgraded Tea Bag
    The Superiority of a Loose Leaf tea, with the convenience of a tea bag.
    Tasting Notes
    Appearance - Genteel citrus of bergamot with lively pungency, with layers of earthy sweetness
    Aroma - Sweet and malty, wafts of cooling mint and light punches of pepperiness, and hints of cedar
    Taste - Mellow with balanced and ambient astringency and sweetness, in tune with vivacious notes of sharp ginger and pepper at the edges, and a lingering sweetness of cinnamon and cloves at the end
    Steeping Instructions

    Use O2 rich water, running stream or RO filtered


    90-100 C/ 194-212 F


    Take 1
    Tea Bag


    3-5 Mins


    Add sugar or honey as per taste


    Can be served with or without milk.


    For Iced, take 2 tea bags & steep for 5 mins. Refrigerate & add ice cubes.

    Our Commitment to People + Planet

    We offset our entire carbon footprint via investments in renewable energy.
    1% of revenue is directed towards the education of our tea growers’ children. Our farmers, like any other parent, wish for their progeny to have a better life than them.
    We recover & recycle an amount of plastic equivalent to our packaging.
    • “Tea entrepreneur brews a revolution in Indian export market”

    • “VAHDAM Teas is massively disrupting the supply chain."

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    • "VAHDAM gets shipped to over 100 countries and raised $17 million."

    • “Turmeric is not a trend or a fad. It's a magic spice, truly."

    Over 3 Million+ consumers & counting!

    200,000+ Reviews (4.6/5 Stars)

    Here are some of our favorites :)

    “Repeat after me: BEST. TEA. EVER. They provide the best tea in the business. Can’t beat that.”

    Ellen DeGeneres

    “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful chai! Shipped directly from India.”

    Oprah Winfrey
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    “If you know me, you know how much I love good tea! Find your tea, dahlings!”

    Mariah Carey

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Know your brew better.

    What are the benefits of Pyramid-shaped Tea bags?

    Our Pyramid-shaped Nylon Tea bags make for a large, sturdy tea bags which doesn't tear up easily and brews a large cup. The pyramid shape allows more room for the tea leaves to unfurl, offering a rich and flavorful cup of tea, as against low-grade tea dust used by many orthodox brands. Our tea bags are heat-sealed and high-density enveloped.

    What are your Tea pouches made up of?

    Our Tea pouches are made of high-grade Nylon mesh. These bags are heat-sealed and high-density enveloped.

    What is the shelf life of products?

    This Vahdam Teas has a shelf-life of 2 years from the Date of Picking/Harvest. The 'Date of Expiry' are mentioned on the bottom of all our boxes.

    Where are your Teas from?

    We source our teas from over 150 renowned plantations and small individual farms in India. Within the country, we procure from 5 popular tea-producing regions, namely: Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, Kangra, and Sikkim.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Tyler B.
    I quit coffee for this

    I’m a long time coffee drinker and I’m not even much for tea but I love chai. I ordered the chai sampler packet and as soon as I tried this I ordered two boxes lol I’m obsessed. I think the bags need a bit more tea in them, because I usually have to put two or even three for a normal size coffee mug. I’m still in love with the product though.

    C Fox
    2nd purchase

    The chai spices were not as vibrant as the chai in my initial chai sampler purchase, this is a little flat

    I love Vahdam teas!

    Chai and Earl Grey are my favourite types of tea, and Vahdam is the only one who makes Earl Grey Chai! It is beautifully packaged, and the flavour and scent of the tea is rich and full. I will definitely buy more in the future!

    Joanie Mcowell
    Great flavor

    This is my new favorite tea. I love the flacors

    Earl Grey Enhanced

    Wasn't sure if I would like my Earl Grey spiced up but found out this is delightful!Took opportunity to try out on prime day with price reduced a tad.Nice aroma and smooth robust brew perfect as fall has arrived and the spices are a perfect compliment.Nicely packaged and individually wrapped teabags. Teabags allow for a nice flow of water and good brew. Very fresh aroma and taste.Having just purchased my first electric kettle which I'm delighted with and now a new favorite tea I Iook forward to a relaxing break.Would recommend and forgot to mention the spices do not overshadow the bergamot or the Earl Grey experience just add a new dimension.

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    Earl Grey Spiced Chai Tea, 30 Count

    Earl Grey Spiced Chai Tea, 30 Count


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    Earl Grey Spiced Chai Tea, 30 Count

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