Green Tea Assortment & Teaware Gift Set

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A selection of refreshing green tea blends that comes with a double-walled borosilicate glass teacup.
  • 8 Delicious Green Tea Blends
  • Boosts immunity, aids weight loss 
  • 100% natural and pure
  • A lead-free Cosmos cup 
  • Holds 11.9 ounces (350ml)

    "I start my mornings with atleast one cup from VAHDAM® India's Green tea. I love that they are sustainable and committed to quality.

    Ellie Frelot, Verified Buyer
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    What's Inside

    Green Tea Assortment, Gift Set | 8 Variants, 80 Tea Bags

    Tea Bags | Sachets

    Cosmos Multi Purpose Tea Cup (350ml)

    Borosilicate Glass

    Green Tea Assortment, Gift Set | 8 Variants, 80 Tea Bags

    Tea Bags | Sachets

    Cosmos Multi Purpose Tea Cup (350ml)

    Borosilicate Glass

    About the Bundle

    Delve into the vibrant world of Tea with this wellness assortment pack with lush blends and elegant tea cup. A well-curated bundle to kick-start your wellness journey. Embark on a new journey of holistic wellness with 8 of our best-selling and delectable tea blends with double-walled cup which is also microwave-safe.


    • Reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes
    • Regenerate the skin, heal wounds
    • Boost Immunity and helps reduce cell damage
    • Enhance cognitive function

    How to Brew

    • 200ml Water at 90-100°C
    • Add 1 Tea Bag
    • Steep 2-3 Mins
    • Best Consumed Plain
    • Add honey/sweetener as per your taste

    Our Commitment to People + Planet

    We offset our entire carbon footprint via investments in renewable energy.
    1% of revenue is directed towards the education of our tea growers’ children. Our farmers, like any other parent, wish for their progeny to have a better life than them.
    We recover & recycle an amount of plastic equivalent to our packaging.
    • “Tea entrepreneur brews a revolution in Indian export market”

    • “VAHDAM Teas is massively disrupting the supply chain."

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    • "VAHDAM gets shipped to over 100 countries and raised $17 million."

    • “Turmeric is not a trend or a fad. It's a magic spice, truly."

    Over 3 Million+ consumers & counting!

    200,000+ Reviews (4.6/5 Stars)

    Here are some of our favorites :)

    “Repeat after me: BEST. TEA. EVER. They provide the best tea in the business. Can’t beat that.”

    Ellen DeGeneres

    “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful chai! Shipped directly from India.”

    Oprah Winfrey
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    “If you know me, you know how much I love good tea! Find your tea, dahlings!”

    Mariah Carey

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the health benefits of Green Tea?

    Green Teas have several health benefits that have been proven by scientific research. Green Teas have a lot of antioxidants that help improve our immunity and help cure or prevent common ailments. Green tea contains 'Catechins' which boost metabolism, help improve physical performance, help lose more calories and help break down fat. The L-Theanine along with the caffeine in green tea (lesser than coffee) helps increase alpha-wave activity in the brain making us more productive and focused. Drinking green tea regularly can reduce the risk of certain cancers and also reduces the risk of type-2 Diabetes. Read all about the health benefits of tea here.

    What are the benefits of Pyramid-shaped Tea bags?

    Our Pyramid-shaped teabags make for large, sturdy tea bags which doesn't tear up easily and brew a large cup. The pyramid shape allows more room for the tea leaves to unfurl, offering a rich and flavorful cup of tea, as against low-grade tea dust used by many orthodox brands. Our tea bags are heat-sealed and high-density enveloped.

    How much liquor can the Cosmos cup hold?

    The cup can hold  11.9 oz of beverage.

    Are the cups microwave-safe?

    Yes, the cups are microwave safe. You can reheat your beverage in the cup in the microwave.

    What is the material of the cup?

    The cup is made of 100% Lead-free Borosilicate glass and hence is quite sturdy. This kind of glass can withstand high and low temperatures.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Better than others

    My Wife was thrilled with this green tea assortment!

    Everyone's favorite

    Delicious and the most wonderful hostess gift.

    GINA F.
    Good Tea Blends. Affordable teas

    I love green tea and this was a nice way to taste different varieties to see which I like best....by the way they were all good!!!

    Great Gift for Green Tea Lovers

    This is a nice assortment for those who drink green tea.

    Green Tea Perfection

    Vahdam's green tea assortment is quite special. The 8 Delicious tea blends is perfect starter for those first experimenting with green tea, as well as a lovely treat for the green tea lover.

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    Green Tea Assortment & Teaware Gift Set

    Green Tea Assortment & Teaware Gift Set


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    Green Tea Assortment & Teaware Gift Set

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