Shopping for gifts on Valentine's Day is great, but the relationship between people is not just about the gifts but much more—the connection they share, isn’t it?

Connecting with your partner is one of the most important things you can do. It takes a lot of effort and time but it's also one of the most rewarding things. If you're in a relationship, you know it all. But if you want to improve your relationship with that special someone, here are 5 quick tips for connecting better.

Everybody's busy, and it can easily take a toll on your relationship. So this Valentine's Day, connect more deeply, make your bae feel loved, and repair your bond to make it stronger than ever. Here's how!


1Listen more, talk more  - Keep the two-way communication going, come what may! Good communication is the foundation of a strong relationship. Make time each day to talk and listen to each other, without distractions. Share your thoughts, feelings, and goals, and be open to your partner's perspective.


2. Make a conscious effort to know your partner  - Make the time you two spend together count. Try to make an effort to know your partner's thoughts, feelings, aspirations, goals, and views on life in general. This may seem like a small effort but it sure goes a long way.


3. Find a common interest - Spending time doing fun activities together, such as cooking, shopping, chilling, meditation, etc. can help you two connect over these shared interests. You’ll also get to discover so much about each other!


4. Tell them you are thankful  - Show them some love, not just with gifts but with words and gestures. A simple compliment or gesture of kindness can make a big impact. This will also help your partner understand you genuinely care and strengthen your relationship's foundation.


5. Put your phones away when together - Make sure there are no distractions when you two are together. You can also make a ritual out of spending time together over a cup of tea and even if it is for a few minutes, keep all the gadgets away while sipping on your fave drinks. 


6. Vacation together - A couple that vacations together, stays together, in love and life. What better way to connect with your bae than spending time together, exploring new places, cuisines, etc? 



 7. Check up on each other during work - Even if you’re busy and caught up at work, take out a few minutes to check up on them. It’s good to know that someone is thinking about you, even when they’re busy and away.


 8. Surprise with small things - Love lies in the little things you do. So, this Valentine’s Day, make small efforts to surprise your partner by taking them on a long drive, throwing a house party with close friends, taking them for a pottery session, cooking their favorite meal, etc. 


 9. Leave love notes - Who doesn’t love reading cutesy notes, especially when they are from someone special? Bring a smile to your partner’s face by leaving appreciative and naughty notes, whatever your relationship mantra be!


10. Celebrate success together - It’s all about celebrating togetherness, what better than celebrating it along with achievements?

Showing your partner love is an important part of any relationship, and there are countless ways to do so. If you are looking for Valentine’s tea gift sets, here is a collection that is just perfect to show your love! 

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