It's Women's Day! And what better way to celebrate than by giving the special lady in your life a gift that will make her feel like a queen? Take this occasion to truly celebrate the amazing women in your life and thank them for being an important part of your lives. While picking out her gift this year, make sure to get something she’ll truly like, instead of picking out generic gifts. Whether she is a self-care fanatic or just loves being pampered with gifts, we've got some great ideas for gifts she'll love this year.

International Women's Day is coming up on March 8th, and we have a few gifts for your mom, wife, or girlfriend that are sure to make her smile.

Get these in time for International Women’s Day and see her face light up!

Gifts for International Women’s Day

Here are some International Women’s Day gift ideas for your mom, wife, or girlfriend.

  • A Necklace with a Meaningful Message Engraved on it

This one is simple and sweet, but also meaningful. You can get the necklaces engraved with anything from "I love you" to "I always have your back." If you want something more personal, try getting them engraved with something like "Mommy, I love you," or "Girlfriends forever." You can also get her a ‘sun sign necklace’ or one with her birth date.

woman wearing a necklace
  • A Book About Women in History

This is an especially good gift idea because books are lasting gifts that can be enjoyed over time instead of just being stuffy new items that will get thrown away after a few weeks or months at most. Plus, they're great for giving someone who loves reading as much as they love being read to! 

four books
  • A Candle Set with Scents

You can go for scents designed specifically for women (like floral smells or fruity ones). These make great gifts because they're both practical and romantic at heart. It is just the perfect gift to come home to when she’s back from a long day and only wants to unwind—a perfect addition to their self-care routine.

scented candles for women's day gifts 

  • The Classic Pen Case

A classic gift that's always appreciated is these pen cases. They're great for school or work and they're also really practical. For women who love to write and read, this one makes for a thoughtful gift too. 

pen case 

  • The Sushi/Dim Sum Maker

If you know someone who loves to eat sushi, then this would be perfect for them! It's fun to make your own sushi at home and it tastes much better than the pre-made stuff you buy in the store. Plus, it's cheaper too! It also is a great way to switch up your date nights and even spend quality time at home learning new things.

 sushi maker 

  •  A Set of Makeup Brushes

Every beauty girl’s dream is to own the best makeup brushes, and this is the perfect opportunity to make her dream come true, Plus, makeup brushes are never a bad idea—they can help her look like a model, experiment with different looks and do so much more! 

brush set

  • A Hot Pink Lipstick

Nothing says bold and confident better than hot pink lipstick. Add a matching lip liner and you have just the right gift for the woman who loves to rock bold lips. If you have a beauty gal in your life and know her favorite brands, you’ve got her Women’s Day gift sorted.


  • A Coffee Mug with Her Favorite Quote

This will help remind her why she should be proud of herself every day—also that no matter what happens in life, she'll always have you by her side.

coffee mug

  • A Smartwatch for the Gadget Lover

A smartwatch will help her keep track of her health and fitness goals, as well as help her stay connected with friends and family. They're also great for staying organized!

woman wearing smart watch

  • Luxe Kitchen Accessories 

If you have an avid cook in the house and she truly enjoys experimenting with new dishes, get her a luxe kit of kitchen accessories she’s been eyeing for a while. Take your pick from the kitchen tool set, tea accessories, crystal glass set, an all-in-one tea set, and more.

teaware set

We know that every woman is different and that's why here’s a range of ideas that will suit every taste and style. Whether you're looking for something classic or modern, or something more playful, there's something for every special woman. And remember, the best gifts come straight from the heart. So, wherever gift you choose, add a personal touch to it too. 

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