Tea Advent Calendars

The holiday season is coming soon and we have just what you need to countdown the days to Christmas, our stylish collection of Tea Advent Calendars!

One of the best ways to set the mood for the holiday season is with an advent calendar. Are you ready to ring in the Holiday Season with our Limited-Edition Christmas Gifts for your loved ones? Since most of the month is dedicated to counting down to all the big celebrations anyway, who wouldn't want one of these thoughtful gifts? Our unique Advent Calendar Gift Sets are perfect to surprise your loved ones or to treat yourself. SHOP NOW and spread the joy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of an Advent calendar?

An Advent Calendar helps countdown the days until Christmas, usually with small gift items or messages that are revealed on each day, for 24 days until Christmas.

When to use Advent calendar?

The onset of the holiday season. Gift it to your friends and family as a countdown present to ring in the Christmas cheer and joy.

What does a Advent calendar look like?

Traditional Advent Calendars are rectangular cards, calendars or boxes you can hang on the wall or place on a table, with 24 small sealed doors, windows or drawers meant to be opened in order on each day of Advent.

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