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Black Tea Sampler - 10 Teas

A treasured assortment of 10 of our best-selling, exquisite Darjeeling and Assam Black teas
3.53oz . 100gm . 40+ Cups $14.99
3.53oz . 100gm . 40+ Cups $14.99


3.53oz . 100gm . 40+ Cups

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Tasting Notes This splendid sampler collection brings you the very best of signature black teas from the divine regions of Darjeeling and Assam. Indulge in the signature spring crispness and the floral aroma of first flush black teas or the muscatel, malty taste of popular second flushes from both these ethereal regions. Along with the classics, this sampler also brings you some stupendous, in-house blends which are bound to captivate you from the first sip! Discover the world of black teas with this sampler collection of 10 of our best black teas.
Sampler Constituents
Item Name Description Size
Classic English Breakfast Black Tea
The popular English breakfast tea with our curated blend of robust and flavorful Assam black teas.
Daily Assam Black Tea
A brisk summer Assam tea with sweet and sour flavors, woody notes, and a hint of astringency.
Assam Gold Second Flush Black Tea
The finest golden tippy tea from Assam with a melody of sweet, malty, and distinct flavors.
Smoky Assam Souchong Black Tea
This unique, rare blend has an oakwood smoked liquor with soothing undertones of a wild forest.
Daily Darjeeling Black Tea
A mellow Darjeeling summer tea with uplifting notes of the date palm and fermented barley.
Darjeeling Premium First Flush Black Tea
A classic summer tea from Darjeeling with balanced notes of charred greens and dried figs.
Unitea - Darjeeling & Assam Black Tea
A patented Vahdam curation, this tea is a blend of premium black teas from Darjeeling and Assam.
Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea
A blend of the finest Indian black teas and premium Bergamot oil. Relish a fruity, fragrant cuppa!
Blooming Rose Black Tea
An in-house, sprightly mix of flavorful black tea with red rose petals and grounded nuts.
Himalayan Breakfast Black Tea
A flavorful black tea from the Himalayan foothills, blessed with woody notes and a hint of honey.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Great Black Tea Sampler

The Sampler includes some standard black teas for the daily cup of tea and some more special ones, to get a good overview of different black teas.
I enjoyed the variety of top quality teas, but now definitly prefer Darjeeling Second Flush teas and will preorder more once my ordered tea is empty.
I can totaly recommend Vahdam teas. Always got great quality for a reasonable price. Thanks!

Black Tea Sampler

This sampler provides a delightful assortment of a range of black teas with subtle and distinctive differences.

Perfect to a T

Slowly but steadily working my way through the various sampler sets I bought - also gave them as warming Yuletide gifts. Tasted quite a few remarkable teas so far and ordered larger packages of them - only 40 more kinds of tea to go...

a lovely gift

As this is a gift for Christmas - we have yet to sample the tea. The goods are presented beautifully and the customer service has been great.

Your tea

Hi I buy your teas from you and also Amazon I find you black teas very good I drink a lot of it because I have a high iron level in my blood drinking black tea can stop body absorbing more iron I buy your as the flavour is good
John Muir

Hi John, thank you so much for your encouraging feedback & for being a part of the VAHDAM tea family. Hope to keep serving you with our collection of garden fresh teas.