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Indulge in a play of flavors with this exquisite gift set of 12 of our most alluring in-house blends.
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$41.99 $59.99

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Tea TypeThere are primarily 4 tea types i.e Black, Green, Oolong & White. Plucked and produced from the same tea plant Camellia Sinensis, each tea type is differentiated based on the level of fermentation/oxidation they go through during production.
OriginIt refers to the tea growing region where this tea has been sourced from.
Flush / SeasonIt refers to the season in which this tea was harvested. First Flush refers to Spring & Second flush refers to summer.
EstateIt refers to the specific plantation/garden where this tea has be sourced from.
InvoiceTea in Indian plantations specially Darjeeling & Assam are growin in batches which are referred to the invoice number. An invoice numbers enurses that the single estate tea is 100% pure and genuine. The invoice is awarded to every batch by the tea estate itself.
Date of PickingIt refers to the date on which this tea was harvested from the tea plant and is not the date of packaging. Date of Packaging is the specific date on which the teas are finally packaged in our unit.
Grade​T​ea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quality and condition of the tea leaves​. ​The highest grades are referred to as "orange pekoe"​ i.e SFTGFOP1, FTGFOP1​, and the lowest as "fannings" or "dust".
SpecialityIt refers to weather this tea is from a specific single plantation or a special blend of teas from multiple estates & plantations curated by our Master Blenders. ​
CaffeineThe caffeine content in this tea categorized into three broad levels i.e low, medium & high.
What's inside the box
Item Name Description Size
Cardamom Masala Chai Tea A classic Indian Masala Chai version of a robust Assam CTC black tea blended with cardamom pods. 0.70oz / 20g
Fennel Spice Masala Chai Tea An energizing blend of premium Assam CTC with the healing attributes of fennel and fresh spices. 0.70oz / 20g
Ginger Masala Chai Tea Our bold rendition of the Ginger Masala chai with aromatic Indian spices for a warm, spicy kick! 0.70oz / 20g
Earl Grey Darjeeling Green Tea An impeccable blend of fresh green teas from Darjeeling, with the uplifting notes of Bergamot Oil. 0.70oz / 20g
Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea Tisane An incredibly light and refreshing tisane with the sweet and spicy flavors of tumeric and ginger. 0.88oz / 25g
Turmeric Tulsi Herbal Tea Tisane Our ace blenders bring you the gift of Tulsi and Turmeric in this powerful and flavorsome blend. 0.88oz / 25g
Maharaja Earl Grey Oolong Tea An exotic summer Oolong tea with uplifting notes of Bergamot extracts and a sweet floral aroma. 0.70oz / 20g
Classic English Breakfast Black Tea The popular English breakfast tea with our curated blend of robust and flavorful Assam black teas. 0.70oz / 20g
Darjeeling Premium First Flush Black Tea A classic summer tea from Darjeeling with balanced notes of charred greens and dried figs. 0.70oz / 20g
Rosted Darjeeling Black Tea A mellow Darjeeling summer tea with uplifting notes of date palm and fermented barley. 0.70oz / 20g
Assam Exotic Second Flush Black Tea A mellow yet intensely flavorful Assam black tea blend with sweet, malty flavors and a sharp taste! 0.70oz / 20g
Himalayan Green Tea A pure, fresh Green tea from the Himalayan region blessed with the right amount of anti-oxidants. 0.70oz / 20g

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