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Organic Ashwagandha Tea

A collection of calming and relaxing magic spice, Ashwagandha tea, perfect for a pick-me-up situation at any time of the day. It is beneficial for reduces blood sugar levels, alleviates stress and anxiety, reduces cortisol levels and helpful in reducing inflammation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ashwagandha tea do for you?

Ashwagandha tea is a great energy booster and stress reliever.

Can I drink Ashwagandha tea everyday?

Yes, you can drink Ashwagandha tea daily but in moderation.

Who should not drink Ashwagandha tea?

People with thyroid and related problems should avoid Ashwagandha tea.

Does Ashwagandha tea have side effects?

Excessive in take of ashwagandha tea might have side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

Does Ashwagandha tea make you sleepy?

No. Ashwagandha tea will not make you sleepy, instead it act as an energy booster.

Does ashwagandha work immediately?

Like all herbs, Ashwagandha too shows results in a few days when taken regularly.

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