Masala Teas

A wondrous fusion of strong Assam black teas and an assortment of the fresh, aromatic spices results in a bold, malty and full-bodied liquor which has the warm notes of spices.

A collection of best-selling traditional Indian blend of black tea with a myriad of fresh & aromatic spices including the Original Masala Chai Tea and its spiced variants of Cardamom tea, Saffron, Sweet Cinnamon tea, Ginger tea, Vanilla, etc. These teas are a medley of sweet & spice, with pronounced malty notes, making the perfect everyday tea delight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is masala tea made of?

Masala tea is made of black tea and spices.

What is masala tea good for?

Masala tea is good for gut health, digestion and immunity.

Is masala tea the same as chai tea?

Yes, masala chai is the same as chai tea.

How much caffeine is in masala chai tea?

Masala chai tea has high caffeine.

Why is masala chai so popular?

Masala chai is popular for its unmatched taste and health benefits.

Is chai stronger than coffee?

This depends on how the tea is prepared and its ingredients.

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