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Green Tea Sampler - 10 Teas

A motley of the purest and freshest green teas and infusions that toast to a healthy mind and body!
3.53oz . 100gm . 40+ Cups $19.99
3.53oz . 100gm . 40+ Cups $19.99


3.53oz . 100gm . 40+ Cups

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Tasting Notes Here’s a sampler treat of 10 of our purest and choicest green teas and in-house blends that boast of unmatched freshness and flavors! Sourced from ethereal, high-elevation tea gardens nestled in the Himalayan region of Indian & Nepal, and from the Nilgiris. Our skilled master-blenders have worked tirelessly to blend these green teas with the choicest of herbs, flowers, and spices to bring you extraordinary infusions that are an explosion of flavor and good health! Relish, Relax, and Rejuvenate with this Green Tea Sampler collection.
Sampler Constituents
Item Name Description Size
Himalayan Green Tea
A pure, fresh Green tea from the Himalayan region blessed with the right amount of anti-oxidants.
Turmeric Matcha Green Tea
Pure Matcha mixed with the mild spicy notes of Turmeric, makes for a great cup of double goodness!
Ayurvedic Rose Herbal Green Tea
A delectable herbal blend of fresh green teas mixed with 21 medicinal and exotic Himalayan herbs.
Blue Mountain Nilgiri Green Tea
An exotic winter green tea from the Nilgiris with fresh grassy notes and a citrusy undertone.
Mint Melody Green Tea
A tantalizing blend of pure green tea with the refreshing notes of spearmint and peppermint.
Earl Grey Green Tea
An impeccable blend of fresh green teas from Darjeeling, with the uplifting notes of Bergamot Oil.
Sweet Himalayan Detox Green Tea
Indulge in a savory detox with our Himalayan Green tea mixed with fresh, aromatic Indian spices.
Chamomile Mint Citrus Green Tea
Fresh and pure green tea blended with bouyant chamomile, mint, and citrusy notes of Lemongrass.
Moringa Matcha Green Tea
An original Vahdam blend of Moringa and Japanese Matcha. A profusion of flavors and well-being.
Sparkling Ginger Mint Green Tea
An exhilarating blend of the season's best green teas with ginger, mint, and lemongrass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Indian best

Very well done! Top mastered Indian tea blends.



Green Tea Sampler - 10 Teas

This product is a range of a realy high quality green teas. I love the packaging and the labels on it. It looks really nice and it can be a great gift for someone. The tea smells amazing and i really like the range of taste. Every each one is different. They steep very well and the color of tea is very clear and bright. Also the aroma is rich and fresh ("green") , not "muddy" and "oldish". My favorite so far is Himalayan green tea -its a bit of a strong taste but it really gives a nice kick during the day. It has more caffeine then some of the green teas so its perfect for those who try to resign from drinking coffee. Will definitely buy here on regular basis.

Awesome tea

I am still going through all my samples but they are of excellent quality and taste. Will definitely order again.

Hi Clifton, thank you so much for your encouraging feedback & for being a part of the VAHDAM tea family. Hope to keep serving you with our collection of garden fresh teas.

Green Tea Sampler - 10 Teas

Hi Andrew, thank you so much for your encouraging feedback & for being a part of the VAHDAM tea family. Hope to keep serving you with our collection of garden fresh teas.