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Best tea I’ve ever had

Im a teen and Im not a fan of anything coffee however This high mountain oolong tea is my absolute favorite, it’s wonderful with a bit of monk fruit sugar. I could drink cups of this for days lol! It’s got a good amount of caffeine. 100% recommend absolutely delicious tea

New to tea

I am new to tea drinking, and this is a wonderful way to take a deep dive into it. Thanks!

Fragrant & flavorful!

Enjoying the loose tea version of this fragrant & flavorful tea. Vandam’s High Mountain oolong tea is a favorite many days of the week~ ☕️

Glassy caps

I love size and style. Also brand on the bottom of the sausse. However the glass quality is not the same as before. don't lose the quality,we love all your products.

Best Tea Ever

There is so much goodness in this assortment box!! I love them all for their speciality. I drink them according to how I’m feeling and what I need. I’m a huge fan!

I just love this tea

teas are great

been using your teas for a year now

This was as gift and now I am hooked!

I am an avid tea drinker as many of my friends know. I am frequently overloaded with teas some of which I have and I never touch them again because I find them uninteresting. I got this for Christmas and it took a while to open it. When I did, I was blown away by the variety and complexity of these teas. I love the Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea Tisane! I ordered 7 ounces of it, the Badamtam Premium Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea, and another gift box of the Chai teas!! I wanted to give it as a gift, but I don't know. LOL, I am a Vahdam customer for ever!!!

Like the cinnamon chai the most

Sweet and a bit spicy in a quality tea base

I got this mostly for our son when he was sick. We had a sampler of various chais, and he found that, aside from the tea being smooth as velvet, the cinnamon had just the right amount of spice to it, and it settled his stomach. He had gotten Omicron, & when I realized how much it helped him, I got him some more. It also helped him with blood sugar control because of the cinnamon (he has insulin dependent autoimmune diabetes, aka type 1 or juvenile diabetes, now for 20 years). This reminded him of the cinnamon capsules he had stopped taking, so we got more of those as well, which has helped level out his sugars during omicron especially. I am so glad he had this tea to help him through his illess. We both enjoy a cup now and again for me, more often for him, as my favorites are saffron chai & assam.




I bought this during a sale and it is an awesome way to try a huge variety of teas and keep them classified!

Absolutely delicious!

This tea is absolutely delicious! You will not be disappointed by this blend.


I have been restricted for caffeine intake and am on the search for a great herbal tea, this tea has taken me by surprise. So aromatic with scents of chocolate and vanilla. A full bodied herbal tea.

Delicious Tea

You won’t be disappointed. These Vahdam teas are superior. Delicious, comforting, a real pleasure to sip.

LOVE this little mug!

I have two, and I bought my sister one for Christmas, and she loves hers as well!

I'm loving it and will place another order

Best Gift Ever

So my mom bought me this gift set in 2019. I just recently finished the last bit of it only because I don't always make the loose leaf tea. But I have to say the tea is amazing. Very delicious and I couldn't just make a cup for myself when I made I had to make for everybody in the household. I love the tins I love the magnetic close on the Box I love the smell of the tea And the taste absolutely delicious.

The Perfect Tumbler

I’m so glad I purchased my tumbler… I love drinking Hot Tea… The first time I used my tumbler I actually scorched the roof of my mouth… I call myself letting it cool down before drinking my tea… wow! I don’t think I waited long enough… my tea stayed hot for a very long time… I’m very happy to say, I purchased this same tumbler as a Christmas gift, the recipient was very happy with my selection of teas and the tumbler. I highly, recommend the purchase of this tumbler, just make sure you let you tea cool down quite a bit before drinking it.

Vahdam loose teas

Absolutely amazing box of mixed loose teas So delicious So nice to have the different teas and the tea is wonderful

Outstanding tea

I liked enjoyed the occasional cup of chai before but never before did I have Masala Chai of the quality Vahdam sells. The blend is outstanding, a delicious, aromatic and well-balanced combination of flavors. Initially, I added sugar, but the tea is also excellent without. I highly recommended it.


I love the green tea assortment. All of the flavors are delicious and healthy.


Bought one for me loved it so much that I bought one for my daughter and my bestie it makes perfect tea!


I love the taste of the teas. The only problem I am having is it doesn't say how often you should drink it. (1×\day, every day, etc.)

Best Gift

Item is adorable! Can't wait to gift it!

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