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Perfect blend

Buying chai tea is always a bit of a risk for me, because I don’t love cardamom (I know, I know!). But this blend is such a perfect balance of all flavors that while I taste the cardamom, it is in perfect harmony with all the other flavors and overall it’s just delicious! So glad I took a chance!

Great morning tea

This is a great tea to start my day. Strong but not at all bitter, great with milk and sugar.

Sip it slowly and savor it!

Delicious! Great combination. I highly recommend.

Beautiful and Functional

It is a wonderful mug. It keeps my tea hot during my commute. However, it is NOT spillproof. It will not splash when moved. If you hit a bump in the road or if it tips in any way it will spill. They even say it is not leakproof. The color is beautiful and is well made. I love this mug. I use it everyday.

Hibiscus Rose Herbal Tea

love the wonderful flavor of this tea as well as other benefits.


Still trying out everything

Made me a hot tea drinker!

I was given a chai sampler with my last order of green apple peach tea. I have tried most and they were good, but not good enough to not drink my typical morning coffee….until I tried the vanilla chai tea! Wow! Spicy yet mellow! I ordered enough to get me through the fall/ winter seasons and look forward to making a pot every morning!


I really want to try that hibiscus tea my granny use to drink it when I was a little girl and I have been trying to find me some I want to get some nehinget my check

Turmeric Spice

I was introduced to this tea and admit I have never heard of Vahdam brand before. I have become a fan for both the quality and unique flavors. I adore the turmeric spice blend.

taste and benefit

subtle, nutty, warm. The taste becomes more clear and detectable after a sip if you simply pay attention to it.. take a sip and pay close attention to the taste over the course of about a minute. It's unusual to me, to continue from the time of taking a sip until swallowing the tea and continuing to observe the taste detected for about a minute; it continues to resonate and take on noticeable changes on the palate for about a minute or longer after each sip. Enjoyable

Cardamom Chai Latte

I love this cardamom chai latte. It is sooo good! Hot or cold.

Taste great with vanilla almond milk, nice way to start the day

I think it may be helping with pain as well.

Love the free drinking cup, so convenient. And I am sure my friends will love the teas

These are Christmas presents so I haven't tried them.

Mild and refreshing

This tea has a very agreeable mild flavor. I was very impressed with the care that was taken to package this product to keep it fresh.

Great flavor!

This is my #1 go to tea. It has great flavor!

First Purchase from Vahdam

With this being my first purchase I decided to go with the 'basics'. This tea is for lack of a better word, perfect. It has everything I want, not too much spice, but still exploding with flavor. Typically I would get pre-made bags of tea from a local supermarket, but thanks to this mix I'll probably never go back to pre-packaged single use 'brand name' teas. That being said, a little bit goes a long way, but I've found myself making large batches so I've honed in my perfect tea/water ratio. I would absolutely suggest trying this variety if your on the fence but know you like 'Chai'. My partner prefers theirs with a bit of sugar and chilled; I can confirm that is also a fantastic choice. I can't wait for my second bag to arrive alongside a few other flavors to try.

Better than Starbucks

Cinnamon Chai is so yummy. I put almond milk in the bottom of my cup with some brown sugar. Then I add the tea diffuser and add hot water. Less sugar than when I order at Starbucks and you can actually taste the Cinnamon. Packaging is great too.

Rita c

This is one of the best order I’ve ever done , I’m really enjoying these delicious tea , also enjoying my cup
The presentation of everything was so professionally done
Great tasting tea

Flavor and quality

I'm a frequent tea drinker and this flavor is by far the best tasting tea I've had in many years

Best quality of tea

This is the best quality of tea I have tasted till date, quality products by a wonderful brand .

Beautiful packaging and quality

Packaging was very professional and it arrived on time. Loved. Perfect for trying new flavors. All were delicious


extremely grateful for quality products. I have been drinking it everyday now, the flavor is wonderful, the aroma is incredible. I will buy it again.

Best quality of tea

This is the best quality of tea I have tasted till date, quality products by a wonderful brand .

Flavor and quality

I'm a frequent tea drinker and this flavor is by far the best tasting tea I've had in many years

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