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Just unreal.Too good to be true.

Got it from my Daugher. This is a really good product. I am thinking of switching from other brands to Vahdam now. Very impressed by the quality, usually it's not upto the mark but this tea seems to be an exception. Wonderful product, highly recommended.

Unique Gift

I like its flavour and freshness. Packaging is too good. Received on time

Lovely gift

I was excited to receive the parcel which was very beautifully packed. Once I opened it my joy was doubled due to the aroma. Gifted by my daughter

Love it

Quantity & Quality is very good. Completely satisfied with this gift set :-) Got it from my son

Yummy in every sip

Loved the packaging, very organised and amazing to have. Totally recommended

Packed well

So fresh and excellent flavour. Truly a value for money tea. Really liked this tea gift set. Packing was also very good.

Yummy in every sip

Great quality. Got it from my Mother-in-law

great quality

My daughter gifted me this father's day gift set from Vahdam. Each day I was enjoying something new.


This tea is the perfect Chai! Fresh ingredients, amazing aroma, and a touch of vanilla! I could drink it all day!

So fresh!

This is the perfect Chai. Comes with easy to follow instructions and the ingredients are SO FRESH! The aroma alone is reason to buy this tea!

Chamomile tea

Very very delicious and wonderful for an evening unwinding treat

Delicious and Delightful!

I LOVE this tea. The flavors are rich and flavorful. High quality, unique blend that is absolutely delicious.

Perfect liquor and aroma

The taste of this product is unmatched and unbeatable.

Earl Gray

I absolutely love this tea. The flavor is spectacular a party for the taste buds. I enjoy my morning ritual so much more since adding your teas
Thank you so very much.

Mint Melody Green Tea

LOVE IT ! LOVE IT! Thank you!


I have never been a tea drinker. I was given a sampler of this tea as a grab bag. My sister uses most of it. I kept a few at my house. Recently tried them. Glad I did. This is excellent tea. It is better than any mainstream tea I have tried. Smooth with no bitter taste. I would recommend this brand of tea to anyone, especially a non tea drinker. There are multiple types to choose from. I enjoy the chamomile in the evening now. Try it, you won’t be disappointed


I am not a tea drinker until I was given this as a sampler in a holiday grab bag. This tea is totally superior to any mainstream tea in the market for a reasonable prices. Order arrived with in two days.

Liked it

Received a present from my Daughter-in-law and the quality is very good

Saffron is lovely

This is my favorite of their turmeric teas. The saffron adds a light sweet flavor to it.

good combo

The chocolate-ginger combo complimented each other nicely.

Deep flavor

Exactly the Darjeeling I had hoped for, no sweeteners needed or wanted the flavor is so rich!


Soo disappointed

The lemon ginger tea is a big disappointment. It tastes like neither lemon nor ginger. It has no taste at all, like dirty dishwater. I love their turmeric ginger tea, so this was a shock. I tried one bag out of 100, and I can’t bring myself to drink any more. What a waste.

Love Indian teas!

Nothing negative. Everything was perfect. Thank you Vahdam for the perfect gift set for my mother

The wait was worth it!

I tried thus blend because my amazing daughter gifted me with the sampler box. This blend is my absolute favorite. The taste is just right- spicy and warm, soothing and invigorating. I used them all and went to your site, only to learn that this tea was out of stock! I put my name on the wait list and ordered immediately when I was told that this tea was back. Enjoying it tremendously again. My plan is to never be without it again.

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