Iced Tea Pitcher

2-in-1 Glass pitcher with an inbuilt infuser, a drip-free dispenser and an ergonomic handle.

Iced Tea Pitcher

2-in-1 Glass pitcher with an inbuilt infuser, a drip-free dispenser and an ergonomic handle.
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  • Lead-Free, BPA Free
  • 100% lead-free borosilicate glass
  • Extra fine stainless steel infuser
  • No drips, spillage or debris
  • Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
  • Artisanal handmade teapot
  • Not to be used on Stovetop/in Microwave
    Simple. Effective. Functional.
    VAHDAM® India's durable Borosilicate Glass Collection is curated to make a beautiful addition to your kitchen, that's also dishwasher safe. 100% lead-free, the clear glass allows a beautiful visual of your favorite brew!
    Lead Free Borosilicate Glass
    High Quality & Durable
    Dishware Safe. Easy to use. Easier to clean.
    Incredibly functional & easy to use accessories
    for the perfect tea brewing experience
    Lead-Free, BPA-Free
    100% Borosilicate glass
    Industrial-grade, 18/8 Stainless steel infuser
    Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
    Not to be used on Stovetop/in Microwave
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the glass rim of the teacup chip off because of the steel infuser?

    The infuser is equipped with a silicone protector ring that comfortably sits on the rim. Hence, every time the infuser is taken off and put back, the silicone ring protects the glass from contact and consequent chipping.

    Will it fit in a car cup holder?

    The diameter of the cup bottom is 3 inches. The handle is two inches from the bottom. Therefore, it can fit in the car cup holder.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    Mark Lee
    Awesome Pitcher

    I love this perfect Pitcher! I feel like it is very sturdy, it is dishwasher safe. It is not as delicate as some have described, IMO. If you are single, or a couple, and don't want the whole "pitcher of Iced tea" for a family, this is ideal for you. I have always drawn hot water from the tap to ready any glassware for boiling water to be poured into it, so I cannot say how durable it would be to go from cool to near boiling quickly, and I'll never find out. Whether using tea bags or loose tea to make your favorite brew, this is an ideal iced tea pitcher for couples or singles, and fun to use.

    Brian Pinkney
    Vahdam ice tea purchase

    Very nice purchase as the ice tea was easy enough to brew and make. I was a bit nervous with the actual ice tea pitcher as it looks a bit fragile, however it does the job with the hot boiling water. The diffuser chamber fits nicely inside the pitcher and it makes for a great finished tea. I really would have loved a larger pitcher as I find the great tasting ice tea doesn't last to long.

    Ben ZW
    Nice, but thin!

    I got this pitcher to have something a little smaller than the old giant pitcher I used for iced tea. I love the infuser--great size for both loose-leaf tea and your own fresh ingredients. My only complaint (or word of caution) is that the glass is *very* thin, and I'm constantly paranoid about setting it down just a little to hard and having it shatter. If the manufacturer would have gone the extra mile to glue a rubber or silicone pad on the bottom, this'd be a 6-star product!

    Ermelinda Cantu
    Ice Tea Pitcher

    Love it makes a perfect tea, perfect size to enjoy with friends

    Candice Chandley
    I love this pitcher for iced tea

    Great size, looks great. I sure it often!

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    Iced Tea Pitcher

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