Green Tea Bags

A range of 100% real green teas straight from the Himalayas. Non-oxidized teas, minimally processed to retain all the flavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What green tea bags are best?

Green tea bags made of sustainable, plastic-free material are best to use.

How many times can a tea bag for green teas be used?

You should use a green tea bag only once. This is because the flavour of one tea bag gets used up in one dipping session.

What is the tea bag made of?

Our signature pyramid-shaped tea bags are made of high-grade Nylon mesh which is food-grade material that meets food safety standards and regulations. It doesn't tear up easily and brews a strong flavorful cup. The pyramid shape allows more room for the tea leaves & ingredients to unfurl, offering a rich and flavorful cup of tea, as against low-grade tea dust used by conventional brands. Our tea bags are heat-sealed and high-density enveloped. As a part of our sustainability and environment-friendly initiatives, we are gradually switching towards producing only plant-based pyramid-shaped tea bags. These new and upgraded pyramid-shaped tea bags are plant-based, environmentally sustainable, and entirely plastic-free. The pyramid bag holding the tea leaves and the string are made from natural plant starch. The tag at the end of the string is made from paper. Everything is ultrasonically sealed with no glue being used. All our tea bags are also 100% biodegradable and commercially compostable. You may receive either of the two that are currently being shipped until we stock out. However, we want to assure you that both options are FDA-approved and safe for consumption as we take great care in choosing and testing our materials to ensure they meet food safety standards and regulations.

Green Tea Bags

If you're a fan of green teas and enjoy the refreshing flavors then you'll be delighted by our collection of green tea blends. Green teas are known for their minimal oxidation process, allowing them to retain the freshest of flavors. We take pride in sourcing our green teas directly from esteemed tea estates in India, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. Our green teas are carefully handpicked and skillfully blended with over 15 other premium ingredients. including Himalayan green tea and more. To preserve their freshness, our teas are cleaned and vacuum-sealed at the source in India before being shipped directly to our fulfillment centers.

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