Cosmos Tea Cup (250ml)

Borosilicate glass, double-walled cup which is also microwave-safe.

Cosmos Tea Cup (250ml)

Borosilicate glass, double-walled cup which is also microwave-safe.
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  • 100% lead-free borosilicate glass
  • Holds 8.5 ounces (250ml)
  • Double-walled | Easy to hold
  • Prevents condensation
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    Simple. Effective. Functional.
    VAHDAM® India's durable Borosilicate Glass Collection is curated to make a beautiful addition to your kitchen, that's also dishwasher safe. 100% lead-free, the clear glass allows a beautiful visual of your favorite brew!
    Lead Free Borosilicate Glass
    High Quality & Durable
    Dishware Safe. Easy to use. Easier to clean.
    Incredibly functional & easy to use accessories
    for the perfect tea brewing experience
    100% lead-free Borosilicate glass
    Holds 8.5 ounces (250ml) each
    Prevents condensation
    Scratch & shatter resistant
    Microwave and dishwasher safe"
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a hole in the bottom of the cup?

    It may look like there is a hole at the bottom at first, but that small bump in the glass is actually the point at which the glass was connected to the rod, during the glassblowing process. It maintains the vacuum of the glass cup and also the temperature of your beverage. It also helps the cup to endure sudden changes in temperature, making it strong and sturdy.

    What is the height of the cup?

    The height of the cup is 9 cm and has a diameter of 8.5 cm inches.

    How much liquor can it hold?

    The cup can hold 8.5 oz of beverage.

    What is the material of the cup?

    The cup is made of 100% Lead-free Borosilicate glass and hence is quite sturdy. This kind of glass can withstand high and low temperatures.

    Are the cups dishwasher safe?

    Yes the cups are dishwasher safe.

    Are the cups microwave-safe ?

    Yes the cups are microwave safe. You can reheat your beverage in the cup in the microwave. 

    Is this lead free?

    Yes the cups are made of premium quality, lead-free, FDA approved Borosilicate glass.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    nancy kim

    Lightweight .great quality. Nicely made. Best cup that I use everyday. Tea coffee taste better in this cup .

    Judy Brinks
    no surprises

    vahdam has managed not to surprise me since i first 'found ' them
    since then it is one quality product after another -
    my life dictates i order a lot on line -
    packaging for everyone else has gone downhill - paper thin etc - not with vahdam ---
    my cups arrived the way they looked when i ordered them - 1 piece - not several - the packaging was top drawer -
    i love my cups and initially was surprised at how light weight they are - but that is the only surprise -
    i have used them -
    have enjoyed that i know where to look if i want quality tea and toys for drinking tea---
    best of all Vahdam IS thinking of our next generation - TEAchme--
    thank you for reaching out and honoring those that help you prosper - by helping their children -
    knowledge has no measure

    Ronald Dass
    Looks beautiful

    I love the experience of witnessing my teas being infused and steeped. This glass teacup allows for that to happen, and I make sure I use it every evening for my tea time.

    Great purchase

    I'm a tea lover. I prefer drinking my Vahdam teas in this cup while infusing the loose leaves. It's all about the experience for me!

    Jason Tav
    Perfect for gifting!

    The tea cup set is super cute, and is perfect for gifting during the holiday season. I presented it to my family in New Jersey and they loved it too! So far I love my Vahdam teas.

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    Cosmos Tea Cup (250ml)

    Cosmos Tea Cup (250ml)


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    Cosmos Tea Cup (250ml)

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