Great tea demands to be had in great teaware! But what sort of teaware do you need to enrich your daily tea ritual? Check out these 6 incredible tea ware and tea brewing accessories that make tea making a delightful, comfortable, easy and mess-free experience. From tea makers to tea infusers, and more!

By now, we both know that our worlds revolve around the fascinating and all-engulfing beverage that is ‘Tea’. Be it to put a bold start to the day or to wrap up a hectic one, a cup of delicious tea is all we need! From a delectably fresh Himalayan green tea, to blissfully uplifting herbal tea, or just connoisseur quality Black teas — our teas from India pack something for everyone! 

But just as the quality of the teas is of utmost importance to all of us, a huge part of our daily tea rituals do revolve around the kind of teaware we use! 
Everyone wants to enjoy their favorite brews in a unique piece of tea ware which is reflects their tastes and likes. An exquisite teaware set rounds off and truly completes your experience of enjoying a great cup of tea. 

At Vahdam Teas, our passion lies in constantly improving your experience with Tea. Be it through our extensive range of loose leaf tea, tea bags collection, gift sets, or with our impressive & modern utilitarian tea ware range — The Brewing Essentials Range

A cup of the finest Indian tea requires deserves equal measures of elegance, regalia, and the virtue of being precise. A cup of your favorite brew can go horribly wrong if the brewing time isn’t precise, or if the tea leaves don’t get enough space to unfurl, or if the teaware loses temperature rapidly. All of these factors are incredibly important and require a fair amount of knowledge. But what about regular consumers who might not be connoisseurs but do have a fair idea about the kind of tea they consume? Keeping this very fact in mind, we designed our consumer-friendly, World-Class teaware range consisting of elegant yet sturdy glass teapots, travel mugs, teaspoons, infusers, tea cup with infusers and much more! 

The five factors which became the blueprint for curating this extensive and stylish teaware range were :- Innovation, Utility, Ease of Convenience, Quality, & Ease of Maintenance. Combining our collective experience of more than 200 years in tea, we bring you a modern, sensible and premium range of teaware which will ensure you get a perfect cup of brew every single time, no matter where you are and without any hassle. 

Take a look at our 6 Best-selling Teawares and tea accessories which will truly revolutionize your tea time! 



A revolutionary and versatile tea maker that suits the likes of connoisseurs and beginners alike. Purists and connoisseurs take pleasure in witnessing the art of brewing, while beginners revel in our tea maker’s ease of brewing! Our Imperial Tea Maker is made of premium-quality, BPA-free 100% Tritan material, the same material which is used to make milk bottles for babies. With a transparent body, you can now enjoy the fascinating sight of your favorite tea brewing.

With a large capacity of 16 oz, you can now brew multiple cups of tea in a single go and shave off considerable time! Incredibly easy to use and much easier to maintain, our Imperial tea maker is dishwasher safe. The fine-mesh of the strainer simply needs to washed under running water. And your tea maker is ready for the next brewing session!

The best part of our star tea maker is that it makes brewing tea a hassle-free and easy task. Once brewing is done, you simply need to place the tea maker on top of your teacup and the freshly-brewed tea automatically pours into the cup. All of this, without a single drop of mess! Our star tea ware accessory is at your service. 


  • Simply measure out your favorite black tea, green tea or other loose-leaf tea leaves and place into the tea maker.

  • Pour your hot water over the leaves (temperature varies depending on the type of tea)

  • Set a timer for recommended steeping time

  • Your perfect cup is ready!


  • Suitable for all kinds of tea. 

  • Made of Tritan material. Shatter-proof.

  • Automatically dispenses beverage into the cup. Mess-free!



Vahdam’s Radiance Teapot glass truly understands the sentiment behind your tea ritual and will prove to be the best addition to your home or office kitchen. Keeping our promise of premium quality standards and durability intact, this teapot with infuser is made up of premium quality, Lead-free, Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass which can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Hence it can be placed on a variety of surfaces like conventional gas or electric stove, microwave or just pop it in the freezer while making iced teas. Also, this clear glass teapot offers a clear, unobstructed view of your favorite tea brewing!

Our Radiance Glass teapot comes equipped with an a sturdy 18/8 Stainless steel infuser fitted with a ultra-fine mesh that prevents the finest debris from escaping into your cup. The detachable steel offers enough room for the tea leaves to unfurl and release their true flavor and aroma.

With an impressive large capacity of 33 oz., you can easily brew 3–4 cups of any loose leaf tea in a single steeping. Equipped with a drip-free stout and an ergonomic handle, this teapot with infuser offers immense ease of use. Easy to use and easier to maintain, this teapot is both microwave-safe & dishwasher-safe. Sturdier and stronger than conventional glass teaware, this Borosilicate glass teapot spells elegance and sophistication, besides being a versatile addition to your teaware collection.


  • Fill the infuser with your favorite loose   leaf tea and place it inside the teacup.

  • Pour hot water over the tea leaves and and cover with the lid.

  • Allow the tea to steep 3–5 minutes, as per brewing instructions.

  • When tea is ready, remove the infuser to avoid over steeping. Enjoy your tea!


  • Multiple cups of tea can be brewed in one session.

  • Borosilicate Glass body withstands wide range of temperature. 

  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe. 

  • Can be used on a variety of hot surfaces. 



Coming to a more important teaware accessory which holds the major charm in having a majestic tea experience, the tea cup!

Bring a touch of sheer luxury to your teaware collection with a pair of Vahdam Shimmer Tea Cups. A unique offering, here’s an elegant pair of double-walled glass teacup set that boast of unmatched utility, style, and quality. Makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones as well.

Equipped with a sturdy, double-wall design, the shimmer cups offer a modicum of drama to your tea ritual. The double walls maintain the temperature of your beverage while efficiently preventing any condensation. The outer wall remains cool throughout and you can easily hold the cup!

Standing up to our promise of unmatched premium quality, the glass teacup is made of non-toxic, lead-free, 100% Borosilicate glass which assures that you get a durable product which can withstand daily use. With a capacity of 6.75 ounces each, these glass teacups are both microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. Add a sense of luxury to your tea time with this exquisite offering. 



  • Double-walled body, outer surface remains cool. Easy to hold!

  • No condensation. Clear view of the brew! 

  • Borosilicate glass withstands wide range of temperatures.



Here’s a teacup that is fit for the likes of tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Our travel-friendly Sparkle Glass Tea cup with infuser is a unique tea ware accessory that will tend to all your brewing needs with immense ease.

With a built-in, detachable infuser made of premium quality, rust-free,18/8 Stainless Steel, you can brew your choice of loose leaf tea anywhere and anytime. An ultra-fine mesh of the stainless steel infuser ensures that the finest debris doesn’t escape into your teacup, brewing a perfect cup of tea each time! The infuser comes equipped with a silicone protector ring which is heat-resistant and will prevent the steel infuser from scratching the glass body of the teacup whenever the infuser is detached or placed back.

The glass teacup is made of non-toxic, lead-free, 100% Borosilicate Glass which can withstand a wide range of temperatures and is extremely durable. Our Sparkle Glass teacup has an impressive capacity of 16.9 oz (500ml) for you to brew 2–3 cups of tea in single session.

Both lightweight and sturdy, our Sparkle Glass Teacup is a breeze to maintain as well. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe. The glass teacup also comes with an ergonomic handle, allowing you to travel with it and enjoy your favorite brew anywhere and anytime. A versatile addition to your teaware collection that will become an instant favorite. 


  • Portable and Travel-friendly. 

  • Detachable infuser attached. 

  • Borosilicate glass withstands wide range of temperature. 

  • Microwave & dishwasher safe. 

  • Brews tea for 2–3 cups in one session. 



Your favorite garden-fresh loose leaf teas deserve to be brewed to precise perfection, offering the true flavor and character of the blend. Brew yourself an impeccable cup of your favorite tea with our splendid Pyramid Tea Infuser.

Made from high-grade Stainless Steel, the Tea infuser for mug has an ultra-fine mesh which efficiently filters out all unwanted debris and other dry ingredients in your tea mix, from escaping into your cup. Hence, offering a pure, lively, and flavorful cup of tea each time!

The adept Pyramid design has been formulated especially to scoop the perfect amount of tea each time. But the main benefit of this shape is that it allows sufficient room for the tea leaves to unfurl and release their prime flavors into the cup, resulting in a perfectly brewed cup of your favorite tea! 

Our Pyramid Steel infuser comes equipped with sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel chain with a hook attached at one end. This hook prevents the infuser from drowning in your cup and is meant for you to pull out the infuser with ease as and when the brewing is done. Get this marvelous stainless steel infuser and you can use it for a wide variety of loose leaf teas like Oolong tea, Herbal tea, Green Tea etc. 


  • Durable & rust-free stainless steel body and chain. 

  • Scoops the perfect quantity of tea required. 

  • Can be used for scooping whole spices and dry herbs as well. 

  • Gives enough space for tea leaves to unfurl. Great flavor! 

  • Portable.


Enjoy a generous dose of your favorite tea, then we have the perfect glass teacup for you. Our pair of Glitter Borosilicate glass teacup and saucer are a magnificent addition to your teaware collection. Perfect for everyday use and also for gifting to your loved ones, these glass teacups are truly elegant and durable at the same time. 

Made of non-toxic, lead-free, 100% Borosilicate Glass, our Shimmer cups come with glass saucers. They each hold a generous 6.75 oz. of beverage volume. With a Borosilicate glass body, they can withstand a wide range of temperatures and are durable for a longer period of time. The cups are both microwave and dishwasher safe, making it a breezy task to maintain them as well.

With an ethereal transparent glass body, one can visually relish and enjoy the true appeal of their beverage. A must have in your kitchen! 


  • Borosilicate glass withstands wide range of temperatures. 

  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe. 

  • Transparent body offers wonderful brewing visuals. 

With so many choices of exquisite, durable and incredibly elegant teaware, you will find that we love pampering our tea lovers with bespoke products which will revolutionize your tea time! 



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