Kitchen Essentials: 9 Single-Spices

700 g

24.69 oz

Packed in tightly sealed festive containers, these 9 fresh Single Origin Spices make a wonderful gift for all foodies and chefs out there!

Kitchen Essentials: 9 Single-Spices

700 g

24.69 oz

Packed in tightly sealed festive containers, these 9 fresh Single Origin Spices make a wonderful gift for all foodies and chefs out there!
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  • 9 Fresh Single Origin Spices
  • 100% Naturally grown, Aromatic Spices
  • Spices LOVED by Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna
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    What’s Inside?

    9 Fresh Single Origin Spices from the Land of Spices, India

    Turmeric Powder 2.47 OZ / 70 G

    Maharashtra, India

    Warm, peppery, ginger-like

    Turmeric Powder

    Golden Spice Of India


    Turmeric Powder is a vibrant orangish-yellow spice made from pure turmeric roots/rhizome. It has a distinctive earthy and pungent aroma with a warm, peppery, and ginger-like flavor.

    VAHDAM® India's Organic Turmeric Powder contains high level of Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric which gives the spice its earthiness.

    Black Pepper Powder 2.47 OZ / 70 G

    South India

    Pine wood, zingy

    Black Pepper Powder

    King of Spices


    Finding origin in the Sanskrit word 'pippali', which means 'Black Gold', Black Pepper truly is the most sought after spice for flavour and taste. Interestingly, the unripe peppercorn fruit of the plant is dried until it turns black and gets a pungent and woody taste, which makes it rich in the magical nutrients of antioxidants, flavonoids, essential oils, bioactive compounds and natural alkaloids.

    Consuming pepper can be advantageous for your overall general well-being as it is a good source of various nutrients.

    Clove Whole 1.76 OZ / 50 G

    South India

    Sweet, warm, minty

    Clove Whole

    Versatile Savoury Spice


    Known as a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine, clove is a flavour and wellness enhancer. Loved for its warm and pungent aroma and savoury to spicy taste, clove is key in cooking, perfumery, medicines and lots more.

    In terms of nutrition, clove has a great nutrient portfolio and its benefits have an impressive range.

    Ginger Powder 2.47 OZ / 70 G

    North East, India

    Spicy, warm, zingy

    Ginger Powder

    The Holy Superfood Spice


    An Ayurvedic superfood, Ginger is the backbone of many cuisines, especially Indian cooking. It's much preferred for its spicy and zingy flavour along with many health benefits as per scientific literature.


    Ginger is easily a favourite spice for all things taste and flavoursome, be it smoothies, lattes, cakes or mains.

    Cinnamon Powder 2.47 OZ / 70 G

    Karnataka, India

    Sweet, minty, woody

    Cinnamon Powder

    The Aromatic Flavour Spice


    A warm, cosy and soothing spice, Cinnamon is known to work as magic on overall . It is loaded with a diverse nutrient profile, making it an incredibly nutritous choice.

    The sweet and woody flavor of Cinnamon makes it a superb spice for seasoning, cooking, making drinks and baking.

    Garlic Powder 2.47 OZ / 70 G

    Gujarat, India

    Toasty, pungent, garlicky

    Garlic Powder

    The Superfood Add-on Spice


    Known for its amazing performance boosting effects, Garlic is one of the key ayurvedic and modern spices. A close relative of the onion family, Garlic too is used extensively for its therapeutic and culinary benefits. The toasty, pungent and often buttery garlic flavour garlic makes it rich in antioxidant properties, making it perfect to treat heart, gut and blood system ailments.

    In the culinary world, garlic powder is an inevitable spice that finds place in all sorts of cuisines for salad dressings, marinades, vegetables, meats, soups & more.

    Onion Powder 2.47 OZ / 70 G

    Gujarat, India

    Sweet, creamy onion

    Onion Powder

    The Evergreen Spice


    We all can't live without onions, be it's the intensely nutritive vegetable or spice. This low in calorie and high on vitamin and mineral spice is a powerful antioxidant (as per scientific literature) that the body demands to beat common ailments. Rightly so, it is an inevitable part of several cuisines, almost like an essential you cannot do without.

    Ranging from a strong and sharp flavour to sweet, creamy and spicy, onion has quite a wide taste portfolio to offer, making it inescapable from the culinary scene.

    Cumin Powder 2.47 OZ / 70 G

    Rajasthan, India

    Warm and spicy

    Cumin Powder

    The Super Nutritious and Flavourful Spice


    Used to elevate the taste of many Indian, Middle Eastern and African dishes, carom seeds have a reputation of adding a strong yet delicious flavour to all meals!

    There's more to this highly flavorful spice; it helps relieve digestive issues, treats indigestion, helps fight common cold, headache and can even act as an effective fungicide.

    Himalayan Pink Salt 5.65 OZ / 160 G

    Himalayas, India

    Sharp salty

    Himalayan Pink Salt

    The Health Maximiser Salt Spice


    You would have often read that the road to a healthy life begins with less salt intake. But have you heard of healthy pink salt? Pink Himalayan salt is a type of salt which is naturally pink in color and is mined from the Khewra Salt mine, in the Himalayan peaks near Pakistan.

    This salty, pink wonder can do wonders for your health.

    Raising the Bar on Holiday Gifting

    9 Single Origin Spices

    Pure, consistent and free from adulteration. Packed to retain freshness

    Recommended by Michelin Star Chef

    Chef Vikas Khanna sings praises of the potency of these spices

    A Spice and a Festive Recipe Each Day

    FREE custom curated booklet with 24 festive recipes

    The Spirit of Spices

    1% of our Revenue is channeled towards the Education of our Farmers' Children

    Hear it from our customers in love

    Get yours before it runs out of stock


    More delicious, more flavorful, more fragrance. Their care for the farmer community makes your heart warm.

    Ellie Frelot

    I tried all their spices individually and picked this assortment box to gift my cooking club members. They are all obsessed with it!


    The flavors are definitely distinct and more like the raw authentic ones I tasted sometime back in India. It's worth the extra few dollars, and also makes for a good gift for anyone.

    Katherine M

    VAHDAM India's commitment to bringing fresh and single origin spices from India to the world is a blessing for everyone who enjoys authentic flavors.


    When my daughter gifted me this spice box , I instantly put it on my early shopping list. Can't risk it going out of stock.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whom is this gift suitable for ?

    This gift is suitable for anyone who loves cooking and can appreciate the value high quality ingredients add to their food.

    Why should you pick Single Origin Spices over the other products available in the market?

    Sourcing spices from a single origin ensures that quality remains the same and there’s no hybrid by product, but only authentic, delicious, aromatic spices grown naturally, and handpicked fresh for you. Besides quality, it also helps support ethical trade as we are able to retain the earnings in the region.

    How many separate spices do I get in this assortment box?

    You get 9 unique spices in this Advent Calendar.

    How many cuisines can these spices be used in?

    These spices are commonly used in 30+ cuisines!

    How should I store these spices?

    It's best to store the spices in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their freshness and flavor.

    Will I receive the assortment box, recipe booklet and gift vouchers together?

    The assortment box will be shipped to you. The recipe booklet and gift vouchers will be sent to you via email.

    How big is this assortment box?

    11.69 x 10.35 x 2.91 inches

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    Kitchen Essentials: 9 Single-Spices

    Kitchen Essentials: 9 Single-Spices


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    Kitchen Essentials: 9 Single-Spices