The Friday after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. With Thanksgiving on 24 November this year (2022), Black Friday is therefore on 25 November. It is one of the busiest days for shopping. The term Black Friday was coined by the police services of Philadelphia (early 1960s) as reference to the pandemonium caused by the huge numbers of people on the walkways, increase in suburban tourists and vehicular traffic on the road.

However, in the 1980s retailers ‘revamped’ Black Friday to signify huge profitability. In the earlier days accountants used a pen with red ink to describe loss and black ink to denote profits. Given that shoppers buy in large quantities due to the heavy discounts, retailers have a ‘field day’ in terms of profits. Fun fact: Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday - a day promoted by retailers for huge online discounts and exceptional bargains. Get your list together so you don’t forget anything, and shop only as much as you need and within your budget.

Ready to Shop?

With only three days to go, and retailers have already begun to announce price drops and offer ‘early’ sales. The frenzy is building up with record-low prices on products ranging from electronics to toys and so much more. We have listed some of the range of items that are at the top of the ‘bargain list’, so you can find what you need fast and don’t miss out!

  • Stuff Those Stockings

Wondering this year again what to stuff in the Christmas stockings? This Black Friday brings loads of bargains on a range of products under $10. You can buy anything from skincare products to health care products, art sets, gifts for your furry babies, airpods, smartwatches, and so much more. These items make great gifts and surprises for all those getting a ‘stocking’ this year. Get stuffing!

  • Teen Surprises

Teens love receiving a range of products or that one thing ‘they have wanted all their life’. With huge discounts this Black Friday, you could possibly be able to buy all that your teen would love and want. There is a range of gifts under 100$. Pick up cosmetic and beauty products, noise cancelling headphones, Apple Airpods, charging hubs, Playstations, footwear, clothes, boomerangs, blue tooth speakers, AirTag, surround sound gaming headsets, and so much more. Your teen is gonna love them!

  • For the Techy

Most people have someone in their lives who is crazy about tech and would love to receive techy gifts. This black Friday you could buy them JBL speakers, ‘earbuds’, wireless mobile printer, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart speakers, e-book readers, drawing pen tablets, Bluetooth mouse, DSLR cameras, and so much more. Warning - these might make the tech-crazy fan become crazier!

  • Gamers Gallery

Video games that were released earlier this year are being ‘cleared out’ by retailers to make room for new releases. This bodes well for gamers - they can gain ‘control’ of games they wanted but couldn’t afford. There is Mario Kart Live, Gotham Knights, Ratchet and Clank, LEGO star wars, Sonic Frontiers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and so many more. Retailers are also selling Xbox Wireless Controllers in a ranger of colours - all of these are under USD60. Other great deals include accessories for the PS5, Xbox series, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4, and some console deals too. Are you imagining yourself gaming yet?

play station
  • Big Deals on ‘Small’ Appliances

Black Friday is a great time to pick up those small kitchen appliances that you would love to add to your ‘arsenal’ of cooking. Retailers are looking to ‘offload’ these basic appliances to make shelf space for the latest kinds. The ‘on sale’ kitchen appliances this Black Friday are not only high-quality products, but are built to last. The better news is that the sale has only just begun - if you don’t see right away something you want, there will surely be more to come and within a budget. Some of the small kitchen appliances on sale are air-fryers, coffee makers and grinders, blenders and food processors, toasters, toaster ovens, microwaves, multi-utility cookers, and so much more.

  • Lady Alexa and More

 With combo deals being one of the highlights, where one can even bring ‘Lady Alexa’ or an Echo Dot, home for free - part of a bundled offer on TV sets or other smart home devices. With new devices released as late as October, last year’s products are expected to be sold at heavy discounts. If you haven’t already, then this Black Friday is the time to buy these gadgets for your home and or as special Christmas gifts such as advent calendars.

  • There’s More to Come

Love, joy, peace, and shopping - some of the best days of the year! Get out your walking/running shoes and get ready to match pace with retailers and other shoppers to grab the best deals. Shop your heart out and have a fun time!

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