This season  is all about celebrating friendship and togetherness. With International Friendship Day around the corner, we thought of talking about the unique bond between tea and coffee. It may sound bizarre for these two beverages to get along but trust us when we say this, they’re simply unbeatable together.  


Before we get down to figuring out how and why they work together, let’s talk history. 

Tea & Coffee are both a phenomenon across the globe. The interesting part is that both these blends were accidentally discovered. Tea was discovered by the Chinese emperor, Shannong in 2737 BC. It’s said that a dried tea leaf fell into his cup of boiling water but he thought it made for a really refreshing drink. Eventually monks in the subcontinent started consuming it and that’s how tea actually came to be. 

Coffee on the other hand, was discovered much later in the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau. Legend has it that there used to be a goat herder Kaldi who first discovered the potential of these beloved beans. The story goes that Kaldi discovered coffee after he noticed his goats becoming super energetic when they ate berries from one specific tree. There seemed to be something unique about these berries because the goats couldn’t get sleep all night after consuming them. Kaldi tried out these magical berries himself and felt a sudden burst of energy. Eventually an energizing drink was made out of these berries and the world was blessed with coffee.

Although they come from completely different regions, they’re both adored across the globe and are legends in their own right. Supremely delicious, refreshing and packed with health benefits, they truly deserve all the hype they get. 

However, one thing that’s always been there is the divided fan base for the two. Apparently, one can either be team tea or team coffee or you can be a part of the rare breed that loves both.

We got tired of this narrative and decided to switch things up a little. In a world that’s constantly and incessantly asking us to choose between these two divine beverages, we’re here to finally challenge the norm by combining the two.



It might sound chaotic but when mixed together, tea + coffee (also famously known as dirty chai) actually makes for one of the most sublime blends. Just like all friendships, these two powerhouses compliment each other beautifully. Friendships are all about embracing and celebrating each other's quirks and a mix of tea and coffee is precisely that. 

They both take the best of each other and end up making the most flavorful cup. 


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