Let’s begin by saying that green tea should not taste bitter to start with – when the best quality green tea is brewed right, the taste is delicate and sweet – even without any additions! As one of the oldest and healthiest varieties, Green tea, is now a favorite world over, with those who love it adjusting the taste to suit their palate. They would describe Green tea as exquisite, refined, ‘elegant’, and pleasing – we agree! 😊 The secret to making green tea taste even better lies in the selection and steeping – choose a high-quality tea from a top brand and follow steeping instructions. Buy the ‘samplers’ first if you are unsure, brew it right, and watch how you become a ‘fan’ within the first few sips.

 The first mistake to avoid is steeping green tea for too long – five to ten minutes is way too long. Start by steeping for 30 seconds or one minute – this would bring out the mild and delicate taste of green tea. If you want it stronger – steep for a little longer, but never more than 3 minutes. Use filtered water and ensure that water temperature in Celsius is 60 degrees to a maximum of 82.2 degrees (140 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit). Even without a thermometer, you can gauge the heat – when the water begins to simmer with tiny bubbles on the surface, take it off and pour it over the tea leaves/bag. Never use boiling water. Here are our top five tips to make your cup of green tea taste even better :

  • Adding a Lemon twist

 Use a slice of lemon and squeeze it lightly to allow only a few drops to mix into your green tea. The lemony twist will not only help to enhance the flavor of your healthy cup of green tea but will also add more health benefits. This is certainly one refreshing and palate-tingling way to drink green tea.

lemon ginger tea
  • Get Flowery

 If lemon does not cut it for you, try adding flower petals to your cup of green tea. Buds or petals of the Rose flower or jasmine flower petals are probably available in your garden but would be easily available in the market. Remember to add only a couple since both these are beautiful, albeit strong-smelling flowers, and the hot tea will accentuate the smell and taste. You could also try adding lavender or chamomile flower petals – both have a calming effect.

chamomile flower


  • Add a Sweetener

 Adding honey or maple syrup or coconut sugar or rock sugar or even stevia leaves can help balance out the flavor of green tea. Even if you have used the right water and tea and have steeped the leaves for the optimal time, and still feel the need for that something extra – try a small amount of one of these sweeteners.

  • Pairing with Ginger

 A tiny piece of fresh ginger root pairs very well with green tea and adds a load of health benefits. Ginger acts as a natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, which means that green tea with ginger would be great post a workout or even after a hectic day.

  • Herbs and Spice Are Nice

 Try adding a few sprigs of mint or a small stick of cinnamon – these work brilliantly with both hot and cold green tea. They also add that punch of freshness and health and you might find yourself reaching for a second cup, almost instantly!



Green tea is one of nature’s healthiest gifts and with these tips you are guaranteeing yourself a healthy beverage, with added zest and taste. Remember to choose only high-quality green tea, use the right water, and heat it to the right temperature. Once you begin your properly made green tea journey, you would certainly be ‘hooked’ to health. However, do check with your doctor before consuming anything since Green tea naturally contains caffeine. May you be in the ‘green’ of health always!


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