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Explore the wide range of tea infusers in attractive styles, designs, colors and sizes and are durable and easy to clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tea infuser do?

The infuser enables you to make large pots or single serve portions of your favorite brew just by adding the correct amount of leaves to the infuser, pour hot boiling water and let it steep.

What is the difference between a tea infuser and a tea strainer?

Tea infusers let you steep small quantities of loose tea leaves in a teacup or teapot whereas tea strainers are used for a larger quantity of tea.

Are tea infusers better than tea bags?

A teapot with an in-built infuser is surely the best way to brew your loose leaf tea. It enough space to mix with the water and develop its flavours to give you a clean and pure cup.

Can you put tea bags in a tea infuser?

You can place it in the infuser but the tea bag itself is individually enveloped to give you an easy brew.

How do I choose a tea infuser?

Opt for a rust-free stainless steel infuser with fine mesh that allows enough room to unfurl tea leaves to give a strong and flavorful cup of tea.

How do you clean a tea infuser?

Just run it under cold water and let it dry. These are also dishwasher safe.

Range of Tea Infusers

Our 100% stainless steel tea infusers are designed to give you a seamless brewing experience. Steep your favorite teas with immense ease and without any seepage of debris. Just add your loose-leaf teas and place it in your cups and teapots to have your tea ready in seconds.

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