VAHDAM® India X Emily In Paris Tea Entourage Collection

A Limited Edition selection of 4 unique tea blends with dreamy (yet 100% real) ingredients that will make you fall in love with Paris again and again. Sip on these magical teas and watch Emily’s life unfold new possibilities.

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4 Exquisite Teas Blended with India’s Finest Herbs & Exotic Flowers
Freshly Sealed in Beautiful Reusable Tin Caddies
48 Plant-Based Biodegradable Tea Bags
Box Dimensions - 382 mm * 165 mm * 82 mm
Packed In India
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A Look Into Emily’s Tea & Travel Entourage

La Vie En Rose Tea Herbal Tea Ingredients: Rose, Cranberry, Pomegranate, Beetroot Candy Delightfully floral with hues of roses & undertone of fruity, sweetness enveloped with a slight tartness.
Ingénue Violet Tea Herbal Tea Ingredients: Blue Pea, Hibiscus, Lavender, Blue Cornflower Balanced tartness & sweetness with ephemeral notes of fresh lavender and a hint of fruity sweetness.
Voila! Vanilla Tea Herbal Tea Ingredients: Natural Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs, Candy with Flowers and Herbs Smooth and well-rounded pallet with teasing notes of long sweetness, lemon lingering aftertaste of fresh rosemary & Cocoa.
Le French Earl Grey Tea Black Tea Ingredients: Premium Indian Black Tea, Pure Blue Cornflower, Bergamot Flavor Full-bodied and crisp all round pallet wrapped in a citrusy hue of bergamot and lingering lemony notes.

Experience Emily's life in Paris in a sip!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which teas will I get in this collection?
This tea and travel collection comes with 4 ‘Emily in Paris’-inspired flavored tea blends that include La Vie En Rose Tea, Ingénue Violet Tea, Voila! Vanilla Tea and Le French Earl Grey Tea.
Can I make these teas into iced teas?
Although these taste best when brewed hot, you can have them iced. Just brew these tea bags in a pitcher, refrigerate the brew or add icy cool water, add ice and serve chilled.
Which material is used for the tea bags?
The tea bags are made using plant-based biodegradable material which is totally environment-friendly.
Does this collection have herbal teas only?
This tea entourage collection has three herbal teas and one black tea. La Vie En Rose Tea, Ingénue Violet Tea, and Voila! Vanilla Tea are herbal teas whereas Le French Earl Grey Tea is a black tea blend.
Do these teas have caffeine?
La Vie En Rose Tea and Ingénue Violet Tea are caffeine-free herbal teas whereas Voila! Vanilla Tea and Le French Earl Grey Tea contain caffeine.

Reviews Are In

Solange Prata
I loved the gift set, it is handy to have teabags in the caddy and the teas are so delicious! I loved Voila Vanilla and Ingenue Violet. The blends are really fragrant and tasty. I love it.
Alexi Burke
This tea collection is guaranteed to give you a bit of that "Emily" feeling. It's got class, taste, and luxe oozing in every sip of tea.
These teas are dressed to impress...each and every flavor spells romance and Paris. Me and Marley enjoyed all the flavours as much as we enjoyed bringing on season 3. What a great collab!
Vahdam’s new Emily in Paris collection will make you feel like a real Parisian. Truly serving the best of #parisinacupoftea. Found my fave from the collection and restocked on Voila Vanilla!

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