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Turmeric Superfood Elixirs

Keto-friendly, Organic, Vegan, Ready-to-brew with Hot water or Milk.

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Turmeric Elixirs Active Duo- Pack of 2
$24.99 20 sachets . 20 cups
Strong Anti-Oxidant & Aids Detox
30% OFF
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Turmeric Wellness Elixirs - Bundle of 4
$41.99 $59.99 40 sachets . 40 cups
Boosts Immunity; Nourishes Hair & Skin
20% OFF
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Turmeric Elixirs Functional Duo- Pack of 2
$27.99 $34.99 20 sachets . 20 cups
Boosts Metabolism & Relieves Stress
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Turmeric Recover Superfood Elixir
$19.99 10 Sachets . 10 Cups
Helps Relieve Stress + Anti-Ageing
10% OFF
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Turmeric Matcha Superfood Elixir
$10.74 $11.99 10 Sachets . 10 cups
Strong Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent
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Turmeric Digestion Superfood Elixir
$19.99 10 Sachests
Boosts Metabolism & Supports weight Management
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Turmeric Coffee Instant Mix
$11.99 10 Sachets . 10 Cups
Boosts Energy & Immunity
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Turmeric Cocoa Superfood Elixir
$11.99 10 Sachets . 10 Cups
Aids Detox & Cleanses
20% OFF

"Unique blends, premium flavors, and it truly is deeply nourishing. I start my day with a hot cup of Turmeric Coffee or indulge in a luscious cup of Turmeric Cocoa. With all plant-based ingredients, this has been my favorite addition to my fitness regime. I highly recommend this to all"

- Emily Knox

Benefits of Daily Turmeric Usage

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People love us

Turmeric Matcha Elixir is a nice smooth tea, the best part is that it helps to settle the tummy. Also, love their turmeric cocoa, it's great and an absolute afternoon treat, full of all the goodness. I carry it in my purse for on the go nutrition. Try them and you won't be disappointed. Happy drinking!

- Jessica

I love Vahdam as a brand and have tried all their elixirs. I prefer it warm and my favorite is Turmeric Cocoa. You can also add a natural sweetener. I tried it with honey and it tastes very original, raw, and with no flavoring agents. It's very calming and I would totally suggest you try these.

- Paromita Chakraborty

Tried the Turmeric Matcha Elixir. It's absolutely delicious! You can taste both turmeric and the matcha, in one single mix, each time you take a sip. Just perfect!

- Mavis